What is START?

Student Technology Advice & Resource Team (START) is a student led resource assisting students with available college technology and helping putting that technology to its best use.

START is staffed by current and former EdmondsCC students interested in pursuing careers in the IT field. We also accept internships for Central Washington University (CWU).

Students who qualify can

  • Volunteer
  • Sign up for internship credit, or
  • Apply for a paid position

How does START help students?

START provides drop-in, phone, and online assistance with campus technology to EdmondsCC students including: Canvas, EdMail, Google Apps (Drive, Sites, Groups) and basic technology (software) support.

START staff are responsible for documenting and tracking student technology issues, as well as attempting to provide resolution and/or referral to necessary college resources for further assistance. 

START is not!

  • START staff are not to be confused with Learning Support Center (LSC) tutors who provide course focused assistance.  START staff are not tutors...!
  • START staff are not to be confused with Academic Computer Services (ACS) staff responsible for supporting access to student accounts and management of student computer labs or other lab assistant.
  • START staff are not to be confused with CIS Computer Repair Lab, START does not repair (or provide loaner) laptops or PCs.

START Staff Quarterly Requirements

  1. Assist students with questions and document this help
  2. Participate on a project team 
  3. Research and create a tutorial (or KBase article)
  4. Attend and/or participate in weekly meetings
  5. Document the time you've spent at the above activities

How do I apply for START?

  1. Complete the START application  
    • We accept applications at any time
      • Applications for the current quarter are considered based upon submission date.
    • New Applicant training is held
      • a week before the quarter begins and mid quarter
    • At the end of each quarter the application process begins for the next quarter
    • Paid staff commit to 4 quarters and fiscal year begins June 16th
      • Paid positions are not always open
  2. Attend the training session

Students that gain a position at START can work up to 19 hours per week (or 76 hours per month). Certain restrictions apply.

START applicants provide their class schedule/available time frames in the START application and are scheduled accordingly.