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Description of Club:
The EdCC Film Club was founded to establish a club that spreads awareness of the film and cinema culture at EdCC.

Club scope & objectives:
The purpose of film club is to create an environment for people to discuss, screen, and partake in all aspects of film, in a serious, meaningful, and in-depth manner. As a club of the Edmonds Community College community, the EdCC Film Club aims to provide film inspired activities and events for its members of the community.
About this page:
You may find a need to create a club to support an unrecognized need.  With this page, you can share your club information to work and collaborate more effectively.  
Project tasks and activities, as well as meetings, can be scheduled and managed through these pages.  Attachments and comments can be included. With version options, users can also subscribe to the page and receive updates when things have been posted. 

Join us: 
If you love watching films, talking about it, making it, or just have an interest in connecting with other film lovers, you've come to the right place. Come join us at our weekly meetings - we'd love to have you.