Welcome to Mrs. Biscocho's String Website
The site is designed to provide information for my elementary string students and their parents. Please, contact me any time! The best way to contact me is by email.  I am in two schools throughout the week.
What Should I Practice?:

First Year Players:
Mozart Melody - First line with the bow
Note Review: Click Here
Watch Bowing Videos:

Second Year Players:
D- Major Slurs (page 29)
"Tribal Voices"- up to measure 12.
To Listen, click HERE
Note Review: Click Here

Advanced Ensemble:
Various sheet music handed out in lessons. 

Forgot your notes violins? Watch this video:

Menlo Park Elementary School:
2nd Year Player Performance: February 28th
1st Year Player Performance: March 28th

JMI Concerts:
2nd Year Player Performance: Thursday, March 9th
1st year Player Performance: TBA