After extensive research, testing different devices in the classroom, evaluating how our teachers use technology, consulting with other schools that have implemented devices, and maintaining a fiscal responsibility mindset, Edgewood High School is proud to announce that we will be implementing a 1:1 technology initiative next school year (2015-16) with the Dell Chromebook from Google.  If you would like to read a more detailed rationale about why we chose this device instead of the laptop, tablet, and iPad, please click here.

To help fund our 1:1 technology initiative, families will pay a $25 per semester fee that will be included in the student's tuition and standard fees.  This fee will be used:
  • To help pay for the device itself.
  • To help maintain and improve (when necessary) our network infrastructure, so that our 1:1 technology initiative can run at optimum speed.
  • For any software or online subscriptions needed for classroom activities.
Edgewood has determined that Chromebooks are the most effective, affordable, and innovative learning device for our students and their families.  Chromebooks are fast, secure, simple to use, offer long battery life, integrate seamlessly with student Google email and Apps for Education, and provide access to a number of web tools and apps through the Chrome Web Store.

In a recent Times of Edgewood article written by senior, Maggie Winding, students were interviewed about Chromebook use in the classroom.  She writes:  "There are so many benefits to a Chromebook.  They are light, compact, and work efficiently.  Almost all students prefer the Chromebook to the iPad for working in class because they are used to working off of computers, and the functions of an iPad can be confusing.  iPads also limit one's ability to do research effectively because it is so hard to switch from page to page, and back to one's document.  [Senior] Catherine Smith said, 'I love the new Chromebooks because they work well in our school environment.  As a school that works religiously off of Google, it makes sense to use the computers made by and for Google.  The new Chromebooks make it easy for you to go from your Google Docs to your Google Drive and back to the internet, whereas on the iPad, all of those programs are separate apps you have to switch between.'"

Supporting student learning is the primary goal of our 1:1 program, and we believe that Chromebooks are the best tool to support this goal.  We are excited for the new and innovative learning that will take place in the coming years here at Edgewood High School!

For more information on the Edgewood High School 1:1 Learning Program, please click on the following:

If you are interested in reading further about how Chromebooks are used in the classroom, feel free to click the links below:

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