Ridgway PBSIS (Positive Behavior Support in School)

Welcome to the Ridgway Middle School PBSIS Webpage! 

What is Positive Behavior in Schools (PBSIS)?

PBSIS is an approach to school discipline.

The goal is to create a safe and positive school environment for all students and staff.

All staff will reinforce the positive behaviors at Ridgway Middle School.

School-wide expectations are posted around the entire building and reinforced throughout the school year.


How do we teach these expectations to our students?

Everyone(students and staff) at Ridgway Middle School is expected to Be Safe, Organized, Accountable, and Respectful.

Every September, and periodically throughout the year, students and staff will participate in activities to learn and review what Hawks S.O.A.R. looks like.

What Be Safe, Organized, Accountable, and Respectful means and how we should behave will vary across different settings.

If you need a reminder, just look around for a Hawks S.O.A.R.poster that will tell you exactly what is expected of you in that setting. 

Teachers and Staff are always on the lookout for students following the Hawks S.O.A.R.  When they catch you following S.O.A.R., you may receive a S.O.A.R.ticket.

Teachers and staff will be handing S.O.A.R.tickets many times each day to students demonstrating S.O.A.R.expectations. You’ll never know when a S.O.A.R. ticket is coming and you won’t get one every time you are Safe, Organized, Accountable, and Respectful.

When you get a S.O.A.R. ticket, put it in your grade level’s bin located in the guidance office.  This is your responsibility!

Every Friday three names will be drawn from each grade level bin.  The winners will be able to choose one of the prizes offered that week.  Prizes will vary each week and will include things such as: a homework pass, sitting at a table with your friends, and a fast pass to the head of the lunch line.

In addition to the weekly drawings, there will be a monthly drawing.  All of the tickets from the month will be saved (it doesn’t matter if you won a weekly drawing or not) and one ticket from each grade level will be drawn.  The winning students, providing that he/she has not had a detention during the month, will be eligible.  The monthly prizes will vary from month to month, and will be bigger items such as: sharing a sundae with friends, 5 minutes late to class pass, and FM radios.


How can parents support Ridgway Middle School's PBSIS program?

Talk to your child about the Ridgway Middle School Expectations.

Ask your child to tell you the school-wide expectations.

Ask your child if he/she has received any S.O.A.R. tickets and why he/she received the tickets.

PBSIS supported by:

The Edgewater Park Board of Education

Edgewater Park PTO
Ridgway Middle School

New Jersey Department of Education

Office of Special Education Programs

New Jersey Association of School Psychologists