The 4th graders took a nice tour of the world during our Geography unit.  We looked at lots of maps, atlases and globes to explore the continents, oceans, countries, states and towns around us.  Much of our time was spent teaching students the parts of a map and how to read them.  Students created maps of our school yard and of their own yards to practice using the various features on a map.  Students also created state posters where each of them had to choose one state to research and then create a poster and put all of the information they gathered onto it.     

Where We Live:

Test Your Knowledge about Vermont by completing both of the pretests below that were made by two of our own 4th graders!

Don't worry if you don't know the answers. These tests will help you see how much
you have learned after you complete your study of Vermont.

Vermont Tourism Websites
Vermont Dept of Fisheries & WildLife: 
Video of a bobcat via a webcam in February, 2011.

    Take a look at the original Ben & Jerry's in Burlington in 1980!

Search for Old Photos of Vermont

Learning About Vermont

SnowFlake Bentley

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