Welcome to MCA and NWEA Math and Reading Test Prep Sites developed by Mr. Brown/Mr. Clay (updated Spring 2011)

Parents and students are encouraged to look through and participate in activities from the following selected sites to prepare for MCA and NWEA tests.

Parent Toolkit information for FAQs and tips with sites to help prepare students for NWEA tests

I Touch /NWEA/MCA Test Preparation Notebook Information

If your child does not have an I Touch:

 then they should work on any of the sites listed on our class website under MCA/NWEA Prep which are listed down below on this page.
Besides the numerous test prep sites available for your child to access she/he should also work on learning the fourth grade MCA math vocabulary words using the Maths Dictionary link.
Your child should pay attention especially to the Language Arts and Math moodle on this site to do the interactive games and activities to help build and reinforce skills. Students can check off what activities they have completed with the packets provided for Language Arts and Math.

I Touch Information when your child brings home an I Touch 

The I Touch program is designed to reinforce skills needed to be mastered by fourth graders.
These skills are directly related to the MCA and NWEA tests.
Your child’s I Touch/MCA NWEA Test Prep folder should contain the following:
Study Partner packets for math and language arts with Checkoff sheet

Khan Academy Packet for Math
I Touch Videos Master List Checklist booklet.

Some children have very specific packets to work on designed by me for their special needs.

What your child should do with the I Touch:

1.        Work on Study Partner Videos in Language Arts and Math Packets. Answer the questions in the packet and have a parent correct.
2.        Work on Khan Academy Videos in Math, do the worksheet, and have a parent correct.
3.        Work on other videos listed in the I Touch Videos Master List Checklist Booklet.
4.         Use any of the other subject area apps on the I Touch.
5.        Ideally, parents should assist their child in watching the video and answering the questions together, but at the least a parent will need to correct the student’s work.
6.        Remember, the user of the I Touch is ultimately responsible to replace it if it is lost, broken, or stolen.

This booklet should remain in the KOALA and be carried back and forth to class. I will periodically check in with students to monitor their progress.

Any other questions or suggestions then please contact me at

MCA Math Vocabulary Practice

 MCA Math Vocabulary Practice List

A Maths Dictionary Link to Study MCA Math Vocabulary 

MCA and NWEA Practice Study Links:

 Lee's Summit Master Homepage List of Links Practice and Assessment activities and Links

Internet4Classrooms Test Taking Skills and Strategies Games and Activities

Scholastic Site Math Mayven's Mysteries-Story problem mysteries that cover logical reasoning, whole numbers, patterns, measurement and time, fractions and decimals, and geometry.

Mrs. Mattson's MCA practice links--Games and activities covering all the MCA math topics Links Math and Reading activities related to NWEA Rit scores and divided into Basic, Proficient, and Advanced Levels. You can also see actvities divided out by 4th grade standards in math and reading.

SouthWashingtonCo site links Math skills in numbers and operations, data analysis, algebra, geometry and measurment divided out by NWEA Rit scores.

Peddle's Pod Links Math skills in number sense, numbers and operations, data analysis, spatial sense and algebra, geometry and measurment divided out by NWEA Rit scores. Also practice tests

Mr. Gearhart's Test Prep links Fourth Grade Links lead to tests and activities from around the country in the areas of math and reading.

FCAT Testing Express Florida's prep site in Reading with Teaching strategies and lessons for teachers, rubric scoring and practice tests in reading NWEA and MCA style.

Grain Valley Test Prep Links This Soaring Through MAP preparation site has links at many grade levels. The fourth grade levels has monthly activities to do in the area of Reading, Language Arts and Math.

Math Playground site- Activites and Links in the areas of Math Games, Word Problems, Logic Puzzles, and Math Videos.

IXL Math test prep links and activities Standards driven website offers activities in all areas Fourth Grade Math curriculum that are tested in the MCA and NWEA tests.

IXL Fourth Grade Math Standards Links and activities- These activities are specifically related to Minnesota Fourth Grade Math Standards that are part of MCA and NWEA testing items.

RainForestMaths Website-All areas of math tested in MCA and NWEA tests in game form

Mr. Fraser's NWEA Math and Reading Links--Go Belle Plaine! All math and reading skills, activities, and links are divided up by RIT levels.

Internet 4 Classrooms-Homepage    Fourth Grade Resources Link -Links for practicing skills in math and reading along with test taking practice.

MCA prep at site

Language Arts and Math Moodle Links:

Language Arts Moodle for MCA and NWEA practice- Click on "other", click "Language Arts Standards", Log In and get to work!

Math Moodle for MCA and NWEA Practice


RainforestMaths- A fanstastic site for covering all math concepts


 Teacher Sites: Emints MAP preparation Links

EastCarterMO MAP test links-

Center MO Map Resources

Interactive Assessments