Email home 4/19/16

posted Apr 19, 2016, 7:22 PM by Andrew Malone
Hello track & field parents,
It has been a great week and a half of track so far.  We have been rewarded again with a wonderful group of kids.  Many of our coaches have commented on the strong work ethic and encouraging and inclusive attitudes we are witnessing at practice.  We are lucky to get to work with such a great group of kids this spring!
We have our first meet Thursday at Bloomington Kennedy HS at 3:45 pm.  Should end shortly after 6pm.  The order of events is below.

4x200m Relay

I have no way of anticipating the time of any events but I can guarantee the 100m Hurdles will begin at 3:45.  The field events (shot put, discus, long jump, high jump) occur throughout the meet.  Thursday after school, kids will meet in the gym and get their t shirts.  Please send money if you haven’t yet already.  At 2:45 we'll load the buses and head out to Bloomington Kennedy. 

When your child’s events are completed, IF YOU WISH,  you may drive them home, otherwise we will bus kids back to CMS when the meet is over. To drive your child home, you will need to sign a Travel Release form to release CMS from transporting your child home.  This form will be found on a clipboard at the meet near the coaches.  We would hope they stay to cheer on teammates but we understand the busy lives we all live so we get it.  If you are having your child go home with another family, there is a different form that needs to be signed by BOTH sets of parents.
We encourage kids to participate in 3 or 4 events in our meets with a combination of running and field events.  We know that some kids don’t think of themselves as runners/track athletes, but we really do want the meets to be celebrations of the hard work they put in and we encourage and reward the effort.  So please, ask your child what they plan on participating in Thursday and encourage them to do 3 or 4 events.

Below is the link to our Track & Field website which has all sorts of good info including our meet schedule for the year.   I have attached a pdf of our meet schedule for the year.

Also, if you have a smart phone or tablet, you can download the Yapp app and get the updates I send out to your kids regarding canceled practices, meet info, any updates or reminders.  It also has the season schedule too.  Info for that is on our website.

Thanks for all you do in supporting your child and us coaches throughout the year.  Any questions, please let me know

Coaches Malone, Luker, Webster, Fulford, Heinz & Gallus