A Birthday Tribute to Our Mother Kim Edel.

About a year ago and half ago my mother Kim was finally diagnosed formally with Alzheimer's disease.  For the past several years her short term memory has had problems and lead to her retiring from teaching after almost fourty years.  Kim and we deserve to remember how much she means to all of us while she can still take part.

The date set for Kim's tribute and 65th Birthday party is 28th/29th of June about a week before her actual birthday.  It will be in NYC. If anyone needs help with logistics or travel costs please let me know, I have some money put asside to help with plane tickets and other expenses if necessary. 

Please try to think of people to invite who might attend, or if you have any ideas about venue or food.   I am happy for input from people and help, but most importantly please save the date and spread the word.

It is our goal to throw a large birthday party and give her a chance to see how appreciated and loved she is while she still can.

Stephan Edel