Whichever your passion is, hockey or figure skating, we have the skates, service and equipment you need to be your best on the ice. Ice hockey skates, roller inline skates, and figure skates are in stock all year round. Stop by our shop, and we can fit you for skates, sharpen your skates, bake your skates, and send you home with them that day, in most cases. Skaters of all levels and disciplines can expect quality products and accessories at nearly every skill level. Expect friendly, knowledgeable service and professional ice skate sharpening services. Eddie has over 30 years of experience sharpening skates. 

No one in the Centre County region will put a better edge on your skates than Eddie! 

480 E College Ave.    State College PA 16801

Open Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 10-6     Saturdays10-5    

Closed Wednesdays, Sundays & home PSU football games

(814) 234-3111  or (814) 927-BIKE

Email: eddie@eddiesbikes.com

Ice Skate Sharpening Rates & Fees

We can sharpen your skates to any size hollow, and it has no effect on our fee. Our skate sharpening rates depend on how quickly you need them back. If you leave your skates overnight, we charge the least. Need them back the same day, we charge slightly more. Need them sharpened while you wait, we charge a bit more. Overnight skate sharpenings are encouraged, as they place the least amount of demand on our time.

Leave the skates over night, giving us roughly 24hrs.
*Overnight Sharp, Player Skates... $9 **Goalie/Figure/Pond Skates... $13

Same day skate sharpenings must be left with us for at least several hours.
*Same Day Sharp, Player Skates...$13 **Goalie/Figure/Pond Skates... $18

While you Wait skate sharpenings place the highest demand on our time, and although walk-ins are welcome, this service cannot be guaranteed without an appointment. 
*While You Wait Adds A $12.00 Surcharge To Any Kind Of Skate

*Brand new skates never sharpened skates incur a surcharge of $12 for the first sharpening. The type of service (overnight, same day or while you wait) plus the surcharge equals the price we charge.  We waive all first time sharpening fees when you purchase skates from our shop. Brand new skates do not have a hollow yet, and our fee reflects the time and materials necessary to grind a hollow into the blades.

**There is a $5 surcharge on Goalie/Figure skates because the thickness of the blades takes a greater toll on the sharpening stone. Pond skates take a lot more abuse, so the surcharge is applied to them as well.

Ice Hockey & Inline

We have ice skates! We currently stock skates from Bauer, CCM and Reebok. Aside from ice skates, there is also wide selection of ice hockey equipment and protective gear here at Eddie's. We have ice hockey sticks and inline hockey sticks, as well as ice hockey pucks and roller hockey pucks and balls. Replacement blades and shafts, hockey tape and laces are always in good supply. Protective equipment for players (goalie equipment is special order only) can also be found here, such as: hockey helmets, chest protectors, elbow pads, and shin guards, hockey helmet replacement parts, socks, athletic supporters, Johnny Guards, mouth-guards, sharpening stones, and much, much more!

Pro-stock hockey sticks

New, used and repaired Pro-stock hockey sticks from the Hershey Bears & Baby Penguins for sale! The broken sticks are repaired w/ the SRS system, and sold at a fraction of the original cost! Some of the unbroken sticks were only used once! This is a fabulous opportunity to get a really nice stick for very little money. Our inventory of Pre-owned Pro Stock sticks is unpredictable; stop in often to see what's available. You can even make requests; we can try to get those sticks you love.

Figure Skating

We stock women's figure skates from Riedell all year round, in different styles and skill levels. Men's figure skates are special order only, sorry fellas. Eddie has been fitting figure skaters since 1985, so you can be sure you'll get the right fit.