Teen Court is a diversion program of the juvenile court, where juvenile offenders (who have admitted their offense) are judged and sentenced by their peers. 

The program is a collaborative effort between the El Dorado County Alcohol and Drug Programs, the Probation Department, District Attorney, Sheriffs Office, and Superior Court. 

Students recruited from middle schools and high schools in 
El Dorado County serve as jurors, prosecutors, defense attorneys, bailiffs, and court clerks. Adult attorneys from the community mentor the youth attorneys, and a Superior Court Judge presides over the hearings. 

Sentences recommended by the jury include supportive and punitive measures. Youth residing in El Dorado County who are in public or private school, or who are home-schooled may participate in Teen Court. 

Teen Court Orientation will be on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016!

Student Application and Rules of Conduct Form (Click on Student Resources tab to obtain Application)

Mentor Attorneys Needed for Teen Court Academic Year 2016/2017!
Interested in becoming a Mentor Attorney or Judge with 
Teen Court? Click on the Mentor Attorney Tab to sign up online!

For questions about Teen Court:

Contact Jorge Orozco
Phone: (530) 573-7964 
Email: jorge.orozco@edcgov.us