My name is Kate Milner and, I am a teacher at South Huron District High School in Exeter, ON. In the upcoming school year I will be teaching English, Music and Drama. You can find me either in Room 89, Room 107 o, the Drama office, or possibly the Music Room.  

For a little more info about Ms. Milner .... check out the "About Me" page on the left. 

Check back for further updates - course information will be posted here on the page as it develops. 

To contact Ms. Milner, please call the school at 519-235-0880 or email to catharine.milner@ed.amdsb.ca

Ms. Milner's Timetable for Semester 1

 Period 1         Grade 9 English (ENG1D) - Room 107
 Period 2      Grade 10 English (ENG2D) - Room 107
 Period 3  Prep - Office Hours
 Period 4  Grade 9 Music (ALC1O) - Room 94

School Year Calendar
(make sure that you check the calendar for each CLASS for information about what is going on in class and for due dates.