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What is the Parent Portal?

Parent Portal is a single site to help you keep up to date with your child's education at Alfred Deakin High School.

Chromebook Device Allocation to Secondary Students

The devices will be distributed to all ADHS students who have returned their Chromebook Acceptance form (see links below) on Wednesday week 2, 2021. Please return all Chromebook Acceptance forms to the front office for all students including current Yr 10’s.

It is expected that all ADHS students bring a fully charged device to school every day whether it is the Chromebook spin or another device of their choice.

Where can you find the forms:

Learn, Anywhere: ICT for Students

The ACT directorate is committed to providing students with reliable access to ICT so that learning can occur whenever and wherever. (http://www.det.act.gov.au/teaching_and_learning/learn-anywhere-ict-for-students )

Alfred Deakin High School is committed to empowering parents in that journey and this website is one tool parents can use to support their child in their journey.

Google Access

Currently, there is only one way to find out about the work your child is doing in class - Ask them to share their work folders with you.

They do this by, logging onto their Google Drive, in their drive they will have folders for each of their subjects. They will need to log on with their emails and password so you can see the work they have been doing in class, you can ask them to share their work and folders with you so you can view their work from you account anytime.

We are looking into trialing the NEW Guardians' Email Summaries in Google Classroom (for some classes), this will allow Guardians to receive a summary of their students' work and class announcements. Information about this can be obtained through the website: https://support.google.com/edu/classroom/answer/6386354?hl=en-GB. For you to be able to access this you will need to have a personal email account shared with the school.


There are any number of stores where suitable devices can be purchased. ADHS recommends Chromebooks as the device of choice. For more information of devices suitable for use at ADHS please visit our site: http://www.adhs.act.edu.au/ict@adhs/which_device_do_i_need.

If you wish to purchase a Chromebook there are many options. At present Chromebooks are not readily available from stores in Canberra, it is best to investigate online purchases for home delivery or pick-up in stores.