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About Me

My name is Jonathon Schlagheck. I graduated from Augustana College in 2005 with a degree in Business Management and History. Upon graduation I worked in both the for profit and non profits fields. First for a financial planning and investing firm and then for a local poverty relief organization before going back to school to pursue my masters in education. 

I graduated from Western IL University in 2008 with my Masters in the Art of Teaching. For the past two years I have been teaching business, computers and social studies at a high school in central IL. This year will be my fifth year here at Erie High School.

Along with teaching I am the head boys tack coach and the student council advisor. I have been married for three years now to my lovely wife Rachel and we have a daughter named Gwendolyn.  

Some Interesting facts about Mr. Schlagheck:

  1. He is currently serving as the ambassador to Estonia. 
  2. Hes been known to cure narcolepsy, just by walking into a room.
  3. He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.
  4. Hes a lover, not a fighter, but hes also a fighter, so dont get any ideas.
  5. His shirts never wrinkle.
  6. He is left-handed. And right-handed.
  7. You can see his charisma from space.
  8. The police often question him, just because they find him interesting.
  9. He once punched a magician. Thats right. 
  10. On every continent in the world, there is a sandwich named after him.
  11. He doesnt believe in using oven mitts, nor potholders.
  12. His cereal never gets soggy. It sits there, staying crispy, just for him.
  13. His hands feel like rich brown suede.
  14. He once taught a horse to read email for him.
  15. He once brought in $13 million at a charity bachelor auction, which was a lot of money at the time.