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Getting Free Laptops For College Students
 Why don't you aim for one of those free laptops for college students? ... out there that give away free laptops for students under some policies. ... This could be a part of some online promotional and advertising campaigns. ...

How to Get a Free Laptop For College
 How do you get a free laptop for college? It's easy! There are actually a lot of sites that provide this sort of service. These sites are common and ...

How to Get Free Laptops For College Students Quickly and Easily
If you're a starving college student who has little cash but little means of ...No site that wants to legitimately give you laptops is going to ask for your ... laptop for no cost but it's an entirely different thing to run into trouble online...

Online Degree Programs Can Give Students The Best Of Both Worlds
Online Degree Programs Can Give Students The Best Of Both Worlds ... In addition to laptops and PCs, students in many online college and ...

Online College Computer Science Classes - The Best Way to Learn ...

The classrooms will have to be provided with laptops to make the process ...Most schools offering online computer science courses require the ...

Gear to Get Your Laptop Ready to Go Back to College
You have the talent, but do you have the tools to go back to college...Online Criminal Justice Degree Offers Path to Brighter Future · The Truth ...

Laptop Test
There are colleges that use free laptops as a form of incentive for enrollment.... from high school, you can give your fresh graduate a laptop as a ... of your time to goonline, you can certainly find ways to get a laptop for free. ...

Make Sure Your Online Degree Is Accredited
In the age when smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the home ... Many established colleges now offer classes online, and campuses near you ...

5 Reasons Why You Need a Laptop For College
There are many reasons to own a laptop computer, especially so for newlycollege bound students. ... Most colleges provide free wireless internet throughout the campus ... Advance Quickly With An Online Graduate Certificate ...

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Online colleges that offer laptops are becoming popular nowadays. Through this ... There are also those requiring students to enroll in certain university or college for at least one year before they may avail the free laptop.
Online College With Free Laptop | College Scholarship Blog
Apr 28, 2012
Free Laptops Now Available For Us StudentsIf you could find a way to find a free computer to take to school and save money on expenses, it would probably m.
The Relevance of Online Schools Which Offer Laptops
Apr 23, 2012 by Blake Johnson
Additionally, the instant they will graduate, they should return the laptop unit to the college. There are various requirements set for students who would want to avail the free laptop program as needed in every online university.
What are the Online Universities with Free Laptops ...
Apr 29, 2012 by Ashley Smith
Online college degrees as well as distance education have become very popular over the past decade. Not only are nearly all Colleges and also Universities supplying at least a few of their courses online but even a few ...
Online Universities with Free laptops | Student Information ...
Apr 28, 2012 by Ashley Smith
Online college degrees and also distance education have become extremely popular over the last decade. Not only are many Colleges and also Universities giving at least several of their courses online but even a few public ...
List of Online Universities with Free Laptops |
Apr 28, 2012 by Ashley Smith
Online college degrees and also distance education have become extremely popular over the last decade. Not only are many Colleges and also Universities giving at least several of their courses online but even a few public ...
What are the Online Universities with Free Laptops?
Apr 30, 2012 by Ashley Smith
Online college degrees and also distance education have become extremely popular over the last decade. Not only are many Colleges and also Universities giving at least several of their courses online but even a few public ...
JudsonNewsGet Your Free Laptop from Online Universities ...
Apr 26, 2012 by Blake Johnson
Every online college is a little different with regards to the prerequisites it has in place for the free laptop program. In some instances, you may want to keep a particular GPA as a way to acquire and maintain your laptop.
List of Online Universities with Free Laptops - Directory of Ezine ...
6 days ago by Ashley Smith
List of Online Universities with Free Laptops. Report this Article · Download ... There are even online colleges that give laptops for use, preloaded with all of the essential software for your courses, as part of the college tuition.
Getting a Free Laptop for College | Cyber School Tips
Mar 8, 2012 by mress
Did you know that you may be able to get a free laptop to use for school if you attend an online university? Indeed, there are many colleges online that have started issuing laptops to students free of charge. The theory is that ...
Get a Free Laptop from an Online College
Feb 24, 2012 by admin
Did you know that there are online colleges that offer free laptops to their students? It's true! Come find out what it takes to secure one.
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Stevens-Henager College for instance offers degree programs from Associate’s through Master´s in business, health-care and Information Technology. This college offers a decent laptops for enrolled students who remain in class. The laptop must be returned to the school when you finished the class. Full Sail University, which specializes in the media and entertainment field, has a full range of degree programs and offers students large industry discounts on laptops. The Henry-Putnam University is a highly specialized school that teaches subjects in Intelligence, law enforcement, terrorism/counter terrorism and military and is a difficult school to be accepted at. If you are accepted however you will be given a new laptop and IT support as a part of your colleges offering free laptops 
Bethel University
Bethel University, an accredited institution, has a campus in Tennessee and online courses. Bethel offers liberal arts undergraduate and graduate degrees online. The online study targets working adults seeking degrees in subjects such as art, computer science and MBAs. The university provides online students with an iPad loaded with applicable programs and a wireless keyboard included in tuition.
Distance Learning at Tennessee's accredited online Bethel University: All textbooks, learning materials, laptop, and iPod are included in tuition payments.

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A free college laptop is offered by CollegeAmerica aka College America aka College of America and Stevens-Henager College with coincidentally the same set of  Laptop FAQs
When will I receive a laptop
Laptop computers will be provided to new students the day that the official start list is generated and the student becomes an official student of the collegeIs the laptop mine to keep ?
The laptop belongs to the college, and students can use it during school. When a student graduates, he or she can keep the laptop
What if I decide to drop out-can I keep the laptop ?
 If a student drops out of his/her program for any reason, or stops attending classes, the laptop must be returned promptly to the college in good working order.</p>
Who is responsible for the maintenance of the laptop?
Students will be responsible for all laptop maintenance, including software, battery life, power cords, and recharging the laptop.
What if I lose the laptop or it is stolen?
If a student loses the laptop or it is stolen, it must be paid for, at a reduced rate. A police report that validates the theft must accompany the student's claim. Once the student produces a police report, a replacement laptop can be purchased at a reduced rate
Will I need to purchase additional software for the laptop ?
Most of the software needed for the college is pre-installed on the laptop. Certain software for medical and pharmacy programs will be provided to students at no additional charge
What if I don't want a laptop&mdash;can I get a discount on my tuition?
The cost of the laptop is not included in the tuition fees. It is part of the equipment of the college and, as such, belongs to the college; just as other equipment such as medical equipment and textbooks do. There are no reductions in tuition for a student who does not want a laptop.

Stevens-Henager College 
Henry-Putnam University 
Full Sail University
A free college laptop is offered by CollegeAmerica aka College America aka College of America.
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Which colleges and universities give laptops to their upcoming freshman class?
 what do you mean by "give laptops ... " ??? Free laptops ?
If so, the colleges aren't public. And the laptops are all second-hand and need fixing every month 
 Never head of a college giving laptops out. University of Dayton requires you to buy a special school laptop as a freshman, but the only way to get it free would be through scholarships or if you are admitted as a ROTC cadet.
  St. Johns University and Seton Hall.
  Villanova does, you get a new one as a freshman and it is replaced going into juniour year which is yours to keep at graduation. My D has had hers for a year without a single repair. Free??? Yes, but I'm sure its built into the tuition as any perk at a college is.
 Hartwick College, Ursinus College & Chatham University
Wake Forest. And you bet your buttons its "in the cost of tuition" which keeps rising every year. Its a gimmick.
LOL - free laptop. 

Nothing is free.
It's all been factored into your tuition bill one way or another.
Its okay, i'll give you a free car if you buy a house. And a house when you buy a luxury yacht.
My daughter is a freshman at Ursinus. (Well, she will be as of Thursday....) Laptops are built into the cost of tuition, and there's also a line item on the tuition bill for "laptop maintenance" or something to that effect. I'd almost rather buy her one myself - at least she would be able to take it home after she graduates!
Centenary College in NJ. And yes, the cost is factored into the tuition.
Not all colleges factor the laptops into the tuition. I cant think of the name of the college but it was free and the student and their family doesn't have to pay for it.
Macaulay Honors College in the CUNY system gives free laptops to all students in the program. It isn't factored into the tuition because tuition is fully covered under the program.
is there a online college that offers freshman a free laptop
There are plenty of colleges that offer scholarships which include a free laptop--Auburn's scholarship for National Merit Finalists, for instance, includes $1000 for recipients to purchase one for themselves, and University of Alabama's scholarship for National Merit Finalists includes an iPad, which is somewhat close to a laptop (sort of.). I know for certain there are plenty more, and not just for NMFs, but I couldn't say which ones specifically do: I only know of Auburn's and Alabama's because they've sent me offers.

Schools that offer a free laptop flat-out to students I'm not familiar with. I'd also assume that the cost is, as others have said, worked into the tuition in some way.

nbarker5, I really doubt there are many online college--if any at all--that offer freshmen free laptops. As far as I'm aware (and please correct me if I'm wrong!) most online schools are for-profits, and for-profits generally don't give a **** about giving students financial aid, let alone free laptops. If they advertise a free laptop, I can almost guarantee you that your tuition will be paying the cost.
Are there any online colleges that offer a free laptop?
I am a full time mom and really want to go back to school. Online schooling would be just perfect, and I know that some schools give the laptop free to help the student, I just don't know which ones. I would be a super help since my husband is National Guard and money can get pretty tight. Thanks.
Sandy J
May be this site can help you
Ken B
Just remember, these "free" laptop computers are really "the price of the laptop is built into the tuition costs".
Figure out what the budget will allow, and then find the best fit for your budget -- either tuition-plus-laptop, or tuition-which-includes-the-laptop.
How to Get Free Laptops for College Students

By: Dachary Carey
Looking for a free laptop for college students? While programs do exist that offer free laptops for students, many of them come with strings attached, or the laptops never arrive at all. Know what you're agreeing to before you get involved in a free laptop program.
Some free laptop programs require you to apply for credit.
Some of the free laptop programs that you find on the web require you to apply for credit, loans or other financial products. These laptops aren't really free at all; the companies just advertise them as free for the sake of drawing interest. If a program requires you to apply for credit or a financial product, don't sign up; keep looking elsewhere. These programs can ruin your credit, and you might find yourself stuck making monthly payments for a laptop you thought you were getting for free.
Beware of "incentive programs."
Other free laptop programs offer you laptops as an "incentive" for completing certain promotional offers. You may have to buy or sell magazine subscriptions or electronic products, or you may need to meet other qualification requirements before you're "eligible" for your free laptop. In most cases, the cost of these requirements is equal to or even more than buying a laptop outright.
Beware of programs that offer laptops as an "incentive"; know what you're agreeing to before you join any program that offers a laptop as a prize. Research these programs before you join. A quick Web search can uncover any keywords relating to scams and let you know whether you're dealing with a legitimate offer.
Use an educational grant to buy a laptop.
Many students receive educational grants as part of school scholarship packages. If you get a grant as part of your financial aid, or if you get an independent grant from a third-party organization, look into the grant requirements and permissible uses. Many educational grants also cover expenses for school supplies, and a laptop may count as a school supply under the terms of your grant. Grant money does not have to be repaid, so this is another, legitimate method you can use to get a free laptop.
Be on the lookout for raffles and want-ads.
Your college campus may have raffles or giveaways for free laptops, so keep your eyes peeled for these types of programs. Raffles may require you to invest in a few tickets, but as long as the tickets are inexpensive, it could be a worthwhile investment. Your chances of winning a drawing for a free laptop on your campus might be slim, but they have the added bonus of not requiring you to join any programs or apply for credit that can ultimately have dire financial repercussions.
Some online schools include a laptop in tuition.
If you're taking classes online or attending an online school, your school might offer a free laptop as part of tuition. While these programs vary from organization to organization, some online schools "rent" you a laptop using part of your overall tuition fee. You don't pay a separate fee for the laptop; it's billed as a part of tuition. When you complete the degree or online courses, you may be eligible to keep your laptop. In this way, the cost for the laptop is built into your education; you don't pay extra for it, but it's not exactly "free."
Villanova University tops the PC Magazine list of best colleges for technical careers. Located in Villanova, PA, the private college provides new laptops for all students(included in tuition), tech support calls with guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time, and state of the art labs and student programs. 

Online colleges that offer laptops | PC Jovenes Tech and News Jun 22, 2011 by roy When looking out at no cost laptops for faculty college students at all times examine first if the supply is for real. TeachTheCloud 17 hours ago by Derrick Waddell In December of last year, put together an infographic about the use of technology in colleges based on research from,, and The results are interesting and reaffirm many of my beliefs ... They may be someday, but for now, desktops and laptops give more computing power, creation tools, and other functionality than tablets. Why can't tablets, smart phones, desktops, and laptops all be used in ... Community Discount Program for January 2012 1 day ago by admin For a list of participating restaurants and what they are offering visit BUDGET .... National University offers a one-month-format with over 60 degrees online. For more .... Micro Trends offers free diagnostics on all laptops-desktops-servers & laser printers (a $45 value), $50 off the purchase of any computer valued at $700 or more and a free one-hour on-site Technology assessment (a $110 value). ... More results from Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Does the K12 home schooling program offer a free laptop? | Online ... Nov 23, 2011 by admin K12 is an online public school. There are no 'free' homeschool programs offering laptops (I'd be grateful for a correction!). K12 is funded by taxpayers, and that 'free' laptop is also funded by them. (There's a private school ... More results from Online colleges degrees What online computer courses offer a computer with the course ... Dec 31, 2011 by infamous I'm wanting to do online courses for computer science. I need a laptop to come with the course since I don't have one. Is there any online schools that offer a laptop with their courses? Tags: Computer Course, Computer ... Aakash Ubislate Tablet Aakash Tablet Ubislate Buy PC Specs Price ... Oct 5, 2011 by iCBSE provides you up to date information and news regarding Aakash Tablet Laptop Computer like Cost/ Price in India, Specifications, Features, Pictures, Videos, Reviews, Official Website and much more. ... Under the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT), connectivity is projected to be offered to 504 universities and 25000 colleges throughout India. This project was a result of discussions on this ... - References What Are the Finest Laptops For Students? | Homebrew Without ... Dec 24, 2011 by Dave Yow will discover any special offers which are out there for college college students by searching school targeted boards online. If you are not lucky enough to find a free laptop computer, then you will need to look into the ... Blackberry Online » Understanding Freebies: Free Laptop and Free ... 5 hours ago by admin In this article, we are going to take a look at three accessible ways free ps 3 offers are run online. First we are going to look at free playstation 3 and free laptop computers for students. Next, we might be speaking about how ... Hp Laptop Computer Xp | Laptop Concepts 3 days ago by admin Because science is such a broad subject, online colleges offer a wide variety of majors that address a number of branches of scientific study. An online ... Belkin Core Laptop Backpack (Pitch Black/Soft Gray) fits up to 15.6-Inch laptops $38.99 ... Will a Graduate from a Distance Degree School be Hired? 12 hours ago by Christopher S Everett During the past 10 to 15 years, the reputations and quality of online degree schools have improved significantly. In addition, even some normal schools and universities currently offer courses on the web. Thanks to the hard ...

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