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Welcome to Mr. Reamer's Classroom site.  This site will be updated regularly to keep you up-to-date and informed on the events, assignments, and any other information that is important to this room and your student.  Please look on the left hand side to select the specific page that you would like to get information on.  This front page will have general information where the other pages will be class specific information that you would want to see.  Thank you for selecting my site and fell free to email me questions, comments or ideas to add to this site.  Have a great day.

Please look below for class information that will help in getting us ready for the year.  Make sure that you look over all of the information.  If the information is highlighted in blue or underlined or both that means it is a link to additional information. 

One of the things I need you to do is to ask your parents permission to load a QR (Quick Response) reader app onto your smartphone.  If you do not have a smartphone that is ok because it will be loaded onto the iPods that have a camera.  These will be used throughout the year to help you get to sites, videos, or other problems that will be used during this year.  The "business" card that you received when you registered had a QR code on it.  This might be how you found your way to this site which is good because you will be using this site a lot this year.  Please show your parents and take them on a tour of where things are so they have an idea of why you will need certain things for this class and where you are getting your information.  With that said continue with the information below and happy reading!  Oh one last thing...I am glad that you are in my class and are ready to get to work and work hard for this school year!!!!!!

Mr. Reamer:  A Little Background

    I am originally from Bottineau, ND a small town in north central North Dakota, so you might hear an accent from time to time with certain words.  I went to college there for 1 year and then moved on to the University of North Dakota where I received my degree in education and a minor in Meteorology.  I had my first teaching job in Bismarck, ND (the capital of North Dakota).  I taught 7/8th grade Math and Science (Life and Earth) for four years at Wachter Middle School.  This is where I met Mrs. Reamer.  The next stop and current since 1996 when this building opened up is West Wendover.  Mrs. Reamer and I like it here and intend on being here for a while.  We like the desert and the open areas to explore and find interesting things.  We have 2 girls Sydney and Olivia.  I am currently the head coach for the Lady Wolverine Softball team and the football team.  I hope to see a lot of the girls and guys when they get into high school to come out and play!  So that is a little background on myself.

The class in general:

    This will be a class that will be dictated by the Common Core Standards for 8th grade as given out by the Elko County School District.  It is VERY important that you have the materials discussed in the packet that you were given at registration.  You will be given the first week to get them and when we come back after the first weekend you will be required to have them with you in class everyday.  Failure to do so will result in a minor for defiance and I don't want to have to deal with minors/majors this year.  I really want to focus on the math that we need to cover. 

    There will need to be a lot of discussion this year about math:  How you do it, What are the steps you did to get to your answer.  It is no longer what is the answer and that is it.  You will hear often from me "I don't care what your answer is.  I want to see how you do the work."  You will need to take notes and write down the example problems that are gone through in the discussions we will have.  This I will get to later regarding how the class will actually be run.  The notes are important to have because you can actually use them on ALL of the assignments, that includes tests (yes I just told you you can use your notes on a test) to help you on the processes.  Back to the discussion part of the class...this is going to be a very key part in helping you become a better math student.  Remember it is not about the answer but how you got to it that matters the most.  So get your binders, paper and pencils ready because you will NOT be getting a textbook for this class because you will be writing your own!

Vod = Videos on Demand podcasting.

    This is going to be the method of how the class will be run after the review section of the beginning of the year is complete.  It is exactly what I would do in class in front of the class but now you will have the ability to view the videos at home and at your own pace.  You will be required to watch the videos before you come to class.  This means that you will need to take your notes on the videos and be required to show me the notes for that particular section so you can start working on the assignments.  This way I can help you on a more one-on-one or small group situation and give you more opportunities to ask questions in class when I am there.  The purpose of this is so you as a student can use the class time to work on the assignments and not have to take them home.  I have found that you may not have someone to help you at home which creates confusion and frustrations.  This is also called "flipping the classroom".  It is a new concept but one that I have used before but only with subs.  I am hoping this will work but I know there are going to be issues at first.  I am hoping you will like the fact that you can work at your pace and find your grades go up.

    You will be required to watch the videos outside of class.  If you do not watch the video before class time it will result in an incomplete (see grading policy for the class) and you will be using class time to watch the video before you will be allowed to work on the assignment.  There may be more than one video that needs to be watched for a section.  The notes along with the problems at the end of the video will be checked before the assignment will be handed to you (there may be other things I will have you do instead of problems so please be aware).  If the problems or other items at the end of the video are not completed that will also result in an incomplete as that is a part of watching and taking notes.  Once you have shown me the notes and the end part of the video can get the assignment and I will take out the incomplete and put in a grade (see grading policy for class) for that section and start to work on the assignment(s).
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