Accounting II (CAPP)

General Information

The CAPP Accounting II course, taught by Mrs. Hurda, allows students to earn high school and college credit while attending class at Evansville High School.  This is made possible due to a partnership between Lakeland College's College Advanced Placement Program (CAPP) and EHS. 
In CAPP Accounting II, EHS students experience the rigor of a college level course under the guidance of Mrs. Hurda. Students in the CAPP Accounting II course do not participate in the College Board AP Exams to receive college credit for the course.  Instead, the final grade for the course reflects achievement on each exam and assignment.
This course may be taken for college and high school credit or high school credit only.  The cost to register for college credit for the CAPP Accounting II course is a low $300 for 3 college credits.  These credits are then transferable to most colleges through a Lakeland College transcript. For more information, please contact Mrs. Hurda.


Prerequisites for the CAPP Accounting II class are are a minimum of a B in Accounting I or concent of the instructor.

Student Success

Students in CAPP Accounting II get real world experience. During the 2009-10 school year, students studied school finance and were recognized for their work.  View their board presentation here.
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