Supply List
    Geometry: ruler (do not enlarge or reduce), protractor, compass (GeoGebra circles will usually work 
             -- send me a screenshot or the actual file when you use them for homework), 
             scientific calculator, notebook paper, notebook/folder, 2 colors of writing utensils
    Advanced Algebra: scientific calculator (TI-83/84 optional), notebook paper, notebook (2"+ or 5subject), 2 colors of writing utensils
    Precalculus/Statistics/Calculus:  TI-83/84 calculator required, paper for notes and homework, 2 colors of writing utensils 

Spanish Mathematician - A proof is forever and ever - TedTalk

Help Times
7:45-8:05    MWThF -- walk in and see if I'm busy!
1st period    permission must be granted by both teachers
MTV             ask for pass or e-mail to advisor
5th period    M-F   - ask to sign up for 1 of 8 spots
3:30-3:45    M-Th - rarely busy, can extend depending on need and personal schedule.
evenings      T, W, Th        limited via email and/or shared GoogleDoc

Late Policy - Traditional Grades.  SBG -- late lowers your employability standard.
Homework:  75% through 2nd day at 3:15, 0% any later
    * Homework not turned in BEFORE field trips, vacations or athletic tournaments will be LATE.
    * Absent?  2 days for 1st day gone, 1 day for each after that
    * Planning a trip?  The assignments are on this website...work ahead on math, other teachers might not have assignments ready.
Projects:  -10% per day late

Homework Hints & Comments
 * Show work on odds with computation or it will be marked wrong
         (NW=no work, MW = missing work, WW=wrong work...checking solution from back of book)
 * Getting help before or after school is worth more points than extra credit and it may help you 
    understand review problems
 * Don't skip review problems.  They help you get ready for the chapter & semester test and ACT/SAT.
 * Don't ask for answers.  Repeat/write out explanations so you learn it, too.
 * Draw a picture & mark it.  It's worth points with a Geometry proof.
 * CLT = combine like terms
 * FOIL = First, Outside, Inside, Last to multiply (ax+b)(cx+d)
 * PEMDAS = order to simplify, reverse to solve
 * QF = quadratic formula, set any equation with x² = 0 first
 * Identical work/errors = warning about copying.  Next time you might get a 0.  If you are thinking 
    for yourself, you might catch the error that you copied!

Mrs. Connon has her BS in Mathematics/Secondary Education from Bethel University, MN 1986 and her MS in Mathematics/Mathematics Education from Northern Illinois University 1996.   She taught in three high schools and one community college before coming to Earlham.  Mrs. Connon is enjoying the chance to have GeoGebra and spreadsheets available for every student at a moment's notice this year.

16th Century Bookbinding
Mrs. Connon often references the printshop at Living History Farms.  She grew up with a family printing business using Davidson offset printing.  Here's a video of the early process.