Promotion Requirements

Cadets receive the rank of Cadet Seaman Recruit (C/SR) upon enrollment in the NJROTC program.  All other promotions are earned via an academic test, marching test and completion of community service hours. Click on the ranks below to see the requirement for each.

Note:  2.0 GPA from the previous semester is required to receive promotions.  You are still eligible to complete the academic and marching tests

Cadet Seaman Apprentice (C/SA)

Note:  Advancement to Senior and Master Chief Petty Officer requires 90 days TIG and is done via a Chief Board consisting of the SNSI, NSI and Cadet Staff Officers.  Officer Advancements are reserved for Staff positions and are selected by the SNSI and NSI.

Chief Petty Officers
Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer (C/SCPO)
Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer (C/MCPO)

Cadet Ensign (C/ENS)
Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade (C/LTJG)
Cadet Lieutenant (C/LT)
Cadet Lieutenant Commander (C/LCDR)
Cadet Commander (C/CDR)