Grading Information

Your NJROTC grade is based on your performance in five areas: Physical Training, Academics, Uniform Inspection, Military Drill and Community Service.  The grades in each area are weighted as follows:

Physical Training      36%
Academics                18%
Uniform Inspection   18%
Military Drill              18%
Community Service   10%

Grades are always updated and available on the Canvas Gradebook

The PHYSICAL TRAINING grade is composed of the student's performance on Monday and Friday of each week.  The goal of the Physical Training program is to prepare cadets for the California Fitness Gram and the Navy Junior ROTC Physical Fitness Test.  Monday is a 3 lap group run on the track followed by an additional 3 laps at the cadet's own pace which must be completed in a predesignated time to receive full credit.  Depending on the platoon's performance on Monday, Friday is a team sport or additional physical training to improve the platoon's physical fitness

ACADEMICS is divided into two groups with first year cadets (NS-1's) taught by MSgt Bricke using the Cadet Reference Manual, Cadet Field Manual and the NS-1 textbook.  LCDR Consoletti teaches the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year cadets in a variety of topics each year from the NS-2 and NS-3 textbook.  Grades are based on performance on weekly Plan of the Week quizzes and tests on material covered in the applicable NJROTC textbooks.

UNIFORM INSPECTION is used to evaluate the cadets weekly on personal responsibility and attention to detail wearing the Naval Service Uniform.  Each cadet is personally inspected and graded in 10 different uniform areas.  We also use this day to award any promotions or ribbons that have been earned.

MILITARY DRILL is the only grade in which the platoon is graded as a group.  The Fall semester will teach the basics of military drill and the cadets will be evaluated approximately every 5 weeks.  The Spring semester introduced the rifle to drill and the same evaluation process takes place.

COMMUNITY SERVICE is one of the foundations of the Navy Junior ROTC program at El Camino Real and we take great pride in taking advantage of the opportunity to give back to the community.  Each cadet is required to perform 26 hours of authorized community service each school year.  Authorized community service opportunities are available for sign up in the classroom.  We also post all community service opportunities on the calendar on our website with the details of times, locations, uniforms, waivers, etc.

NOTE:  Retention in the NJROTC program is not automatic, it is based on performance.  
  • You must maintain a 75% in the NJROTC class to continue in the program.  
  • A 2.0 GPA is required to attend field trips, hold a leadership position or promote.  Two consecutive semesters under 2.0 GPA will result in disenrollment.  
  • Cadets must promote a minimum of one rank each school year to continue in the program the following year.  The one exception is that NS-4 cadets must promote to C/PO2 by the end of their Fall semester to continue in the Spring Semester.  
  • All NS-1 cadets must be able to complete 3 laps with the platoon by the end of their NS-1 year.
  • Any NS-1 cadet that accumulates 3 Uniform non-dresses or a total of 5 Uniform or PT non-dresses in 1 semester will not be retained in the program.
  • We reserve the right to disenroll any cadet that we feel does not maintain the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.