Chowan Middle School Needs Your Help!!

Volunteers are needed for our End-of-Year Testing.  It takes many people working together to help our students during several days of tests.  More than 20 Test Proctors are needed for each day of testing.  We are very grateful for any help that you can give us!!

Testing Date



May 31

EOG Reading 6-8

Math 7


June 1

EOG Math 6-8

EOG Reading 7


June 2

EOG Science 8


June 5

NCFE Science 6-7

EE Science-8th


June 6

NCFE SS 6,7,8

If you are willing to help, please contact Connie Lamb or Brenda Pate with the dates you are available.

Chowan Broadcast 5-22

Chowan Broadcast

Teacher of the Year 
Mr. John Reinhold

Teacher of Year

Teacher Assistant of the Year
Ms. Linda Leary

Instructional Assistant Teacher of the Year

The CMS band and chorus students performed at the Northern Chowan Community Center to a packed house on Thursday, May 11th. Mr. O'Neal, band director, and Mrs. O'Kelly, chorus director, did an outstanding job preparing their students to shine. Teachers, parents, and community members were amazed how each student had grown over the year. Everyone said this was the best concert they had attended this year.  We would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our students.

Chowan Broadcast

Chowan Broadcast 5-15-17

#1 Club Celebration
CMS students, making the Gold and Maroon Club, were treated to cookies and chips after their lunch today. These students earned either all A's or A's and B's on their report card for the 3rd nine weeks.  We are very proud of their dedication and hard work. Students keep up the good work!

Chowan Broadcast

Chowan Broadcast

Teacher Appreciation Week
Teachers, Staff and Volunteers enjoyed a treat from Bojangles on Monday, the first day of Teacher Appreciate Week. We appreciate all your time and hard work.

Chowan Broadcast 5-1

Basketball Camp Winners


Each year, Albemarle EMC sends a deserving boy and girl to the most respected basketball camps in the country. The winners received an all expensed paid scholarship to the University of North Carolina and N. C. State basketball camp. These students will work closely with the college coaches and camp staff to develop fundamental skills, helping them to perform and excel both on and off the court. 

We would like to congratulate our own CMS students, Olivia Hare and Josh Twiddy on winning this awesome opportunity. Olivia and Josh were judged on their academics, extra-curricular activities and an essay. CMS is proud of you! #Congratulations#GOBULLDOGS 


Our PTA and 
Parent Night tonight is April 11th. Please come out and pick up report cards and sign up for a parent conference.  

Chowan Broadcast 4-10-17

Chowan Broadcast 4-10

Hunter Safety Teams
Congratulations to the Chowan Middle and John A. Holmes Hunter Safety Teams on their awesome performance the Hunter Safety competition this past weekend. Both teams will be competing at the State level in April. 

Community Sponsors
We would like to thank our community sponsors for supporting CMS. The Edenton-Chowan Kiwanis Club invites your to participate in their 7th Annual 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, April 22nd at 9:00am. Educators will again receive a discounted race fee of $20. There is also a reduced fee for runners under the age of 18. Please come out and support your community.

Chowan Broadcast 3-20-17

Chowan Broadcast

Wrestling Team

The JJ Watt foundation has sponsored CMS to get new wrestling mats. Coach Reinhold and a these rising 8th graders will make sure they get put to good use. 

Mrs. Perry's Math Classes

7th grade math classes are "on point" with our Geometry unit. After studying about the
different kinds of angles we are now learning formulas to help us find area and volume of different shapes and applying that knowledge to help answer real world math problems. Our ISN's (Interactive Student Notebooks) are looking great as we continue to add important information that will help us when studying for the Math EOG. We are excited to celebrate "Pi Day" on March 17th. We will participate in pi-related activities such as calculating
circumference and area of round shapes we bring in to class and compete to see who can memorize the most numbers that Pi represents - it's on recored that someone memorized it to 40,000 digits! We hope to wrap up the celebration of this never-ending number (3.14159) by sampling some real pie!

Chowan Soil & Water Conservation Winners
Congratulations to our 6th graders for winning the Chowan Soil & Water Conservation District's Essay and Bookmark Contest! Theses students took 1st and 2nd place with their essay, bookmark and/or poster entry. They will receive their award at a luncheon on Tuesday, March 14th in Elizabeth City at the Knobbs Creek Recreation Center.  

SnowBall Dance
CMS students enjoyed a wonderful time of dancing at the first annual SnowBall dance on Friday, Feb. 10th. Over 150 students came dressed in the semi-formal attire to be rewarded for their good behavior at the PBIS celebration. The night was filled with fun, music and food.

Snowball Dance

Snowball Dance

Chowan Broadcast 3-27-2017

Chowan Broadcast

PBIS Celebration

Students received a fun-filled afternoon of activities which included movies, basketball, and Ipad games. These students were rewarded for staying referral free for the 2nd nine weeks. Teachers and staff members fixed and served popcorn as an added treat.

  Students, we are so PROUD of you!!

Motivational Speaker Visits CMS 

Starting the new year off with a motivational speaker from Pennsylvania.
Mr. Kevin Gold, born and raised in Edenton and a product of ECPS, came to share his tools for success with our students.  Our students enoyed the interactive presentation he delivered. Mr. Gold encouraged our kids to reach for the stars.  To make goals, work towards them and reep the benefits.  

8th Grade Math

8th grade math students displaying their knowledge of slope in these 21st century displays.

Interactive Student Notebooks

Many teachers at CMS have started using ISNs to help improve our students organization and provide them a resource when studying for test. It is always encouraging to see our teachers stepping out of their comfort zone and to see students taking pride in their work.

Order your Yearbook Today

October is National Bullying Awareness and Prevention Month

Chowan Middle School is bringing awareness to a very important topic this month and that is...... bullying. We are uniting to show that we are together against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance, respect and inclusion. Throughout the month students and staff will participate in school-wide anti-bullying activities. 

Together we can STOP bullying!

Attendance Matters
Hallie White, Camari White, & Maurice Overton have won a Pizza lunch party later this month for perfect attendance during September. More than 50% of our students had perfect attendance in September. That is more than 200 students. We love that our students love to come to school. 

Students, in Mr. Reinhold's science classes, were working in groups to create diagrams of land and sea breezes to demonstrate their knowledge of local winds.  

Teachers Renew their National Boards

Congratulations to Cindy Olson and Linda Sutton on their National Board Certification renewal. CMS beats the state average in teacher experience and NBCT teachers. Olson and Sutton will be impacting student success at CMS through 2027.

Math I EOC Practice

It was great to be in the math classroom today and even better to have our Math I students ask for more practice. It is great to see students excited about learning. 

EOC Practice

Please Join Us

Please join us for the Annual State of the Schools Address at 6:00 pm on either May 22, 2017 or May 23, 2017 as Dr. Jackson presents "Successes, Challenges, and Priorities." All are welcome and invited!


Students were reward today with popcorn and pizza. The Gold and Maroon Club and Abstinence Post Winners were reward with free time and pizza. They were join by over 110 Accelerated readers students, who received popcorn for making 15 points or more, for the 3rd nine weeks. We are proud of each of these students. Students keep up the good work!!

1st Place

STEM Competition

CMS placed first at the STEM competition at NC Wesleyan. Thank you Mrs. Strode for investing your time to make STEM education a priority at Chowan Middle School.

#STEMReady #GoBulldogs

Social Studies in Room 301 with

Mrs. Horton

It seems that just a few weeks ago, we were exploring themes of geography as our introduction to Social Studies this year! The final week of the third 9-weeks grading period was a busy one -- Benchmark tests, a field trip to the Ringling Brothers - Barnum & Bailey Circus on March 30, and our PBIS Celebration on March 31. Our learning experiences have taken us through prehistory, early civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indian Subcontinent, and Ancient China. We’ve followed timelines, completed viewing guides for the “Journals Through History” video series, and implemented a graphic organizer, “G R A P E S.” Just ask any of our students about the “ G R A P E S” connection to history. We’ve become experts of major events, key people, and important achievements and inventions of each historical period! The history of Ancient China and its dynasties is fascinating, with challenges to remember their names, sequence, emperors, and achievements. File:Jiajing Emperor on his ...

We implemented many published and digital resources during our time in Ancient China, but this is our favorite one. Check the link to this resource to see why we like it!


The final week of the third 9-weeks grading period was one of our busiest -- Benchmark tests, a field trip to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus on March 30, and our PBIS Celebration on March 31! We anticipate learning about the civilizations of Greece and Rome, followed by a study of the Mayan, Aztec, and Incan societies during the the fourth 9-weeks.

PBIS Celebration
March 31st
Parents are welcome to come out and play in the game!

Parent Night April 11th

On Thursday, April 6th, we will have our Semi

Annual Parent Night of the 2016-2017 school year. The purpose of this evening is to issue report cards, schedule parent conferences, and to hear important information from our PTA, as well as, “Empowering Parents” stations.  These stations will include: Guidance Counselor from the High School for rising 9th graders, Parent Information for rising 7th and 8th graders, Literacy Displays, Sports Forms, and the Book Fair.

You are invited to come for a free dinner at 5:30 in our cafeteria with entertainment and student work displays.  Please call the school if you have any questions or to reserve your seat. Sign up forms will be going home soon.


      Career Fair
Students at CMS enjoyed visiting and speaking to local businesses and professionals on Thursday, March 2nd at the Career Fair. They were able to learn about the different careers available in the area and what it takes to be employed. This learning experience helped to reinforce the importance of education. We would like to thank the businesses for taking time out of the busy schedules to help our students grow.

Bus Drivers 
Breakfast for our Bus Drivers
CMS bus drivers received a little treat each day this week in honor of all their hard and dedication to our students.  These drivers serve our student each and every day by keeping them safe to and from school. 

Thank you for all you do for our children!

Conference Campions 2016-2017

Daily Schedule Change
North Carolina Statute requires that schools offer a minimum of 1025 instructional hours per year. In order to reach that minimum requirement, CMS will be adding 15 minutes of instruction to the end of our school day starting February 13th. Bus pick up times should not change, but afternoon drop off times will be 15 minutes later than before. A link to the daily schedule is attached below.
***This change is a direct result of the instructional time lost during the flooding and ice storm earlier this school year.

Chowan Middle School Receives Third School to Watch Honor

Chowan Middle School has earned unique distinction among middle schools in North Carolina and in Eastern North Carolina for the fact that the faculty, students and staff have received the honor of being named a "School to Watch" by the North Carolina Association for Middle Level Education for the third time. Chowan Middle School received the first award in 2010 and was re-designated in 2013 and is now being recognized again for the faculty, staff, and students’ continued quest for excellence. Only 400 schools across the nation have been recognized as a School to Watch. Chowan Middle School is one of 48 schools identified over the last 13 years as a School to Watch and the only school in northeastern North Carolina to receive the recognition three times. Chowan Middle School exceeds the state average in teachers with advanced degrees, teacher s holding National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification, and average teaching experience. To read more visit Congratulations CMS we are proud of you!

Fashion Show
Mrs. O'Kelly's 8th graders put on a fashion show for CMS students. O'Kelly had her 8th grade students design, sew and model their own unique outfits. Many of these outfits were made from recycled materials making the project more interesting and challenging. Both the 6th grade and 7th grade students lined the halls to show their support for their classmates.

8th Grade Science
Ms. Cofield

8th Science and Earth Environmental Science classes are currently studying the Ecosystem Unit of Study. The unit of study consists of several learning targets such as: Identifying the hierarchy levels in an ecosystem (species, population, community and ecosystem. Describe the impact of limiting factors in a population (abiotic and biotic factors). Explaining how the interactions between producers, consumers and decomposers may act as a limiting factor in an ecosystem. Explain how organisms compete with each other for limited resources (competition, predator and prey relationships). Illustrate the flow of energy within an ecosystem through a food chain/food web (flow of energy through ecosystems, trophic levels in food chains and food webs) (autotrophs/producers, heterotrophs/consumers, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores). Illustrate the flow of energy within an ecosystem through an energy pyramid. (Ecological pyramids, energy pyramids and biomass pyramids).

Students use Quizlet weekly to assist them with their vocabulary review. Students will have the opportunity to go online and create real life food chain/webs and create food chains/project based on their home community to assess their personal knowledge of the unit. Students are also studying real life data (graph/charts) to calculate population change(s); to integrate their math skills.

Lockup for Hunger

All Edenton-Chowan Schools, in cooperation with the Chowan County Sheriff's Office, are participating in a food drive. Students, parents, and community members are asked to donate non-perishable foods that will be sent to the Edenton-Chowan Food Pantry. Items can be donated at any of our schools through February 10th. To make this fun for the kids, there is a competition involved and the principal of the school that collects the most will have "consequences." (Monetary donations are also accepted. Every dollar collected equals 5 pounds of food.) #wecare#goodcitizensinthemaking

Solar Car Races
Ms. Strode's STEM students designed and built solar cars using solar panels and recycled materials. This project took several days and on Wednesday, Jan. 4th, these students enjoyed seeing their cars come to life. They raced each car and calculated the distance each traveled to determine a winner. #learningisfun

College Students Visit CMS
Former CMS students, now college students, visited Chowan Middle School on Thursday, Dec. 15. These students had lunch with CMS students and shared their college experiences. Their motivating and inspiring words challenged our students to work hard and to make every moment count.

CMS takes 1st Place at NCSBA

on Nov. 16, 2016

The Chowan Middle School Broadcast Team
was awarded 1st place for their video at the North Carolina School Board Association conference on November 16, 2016, in Greensboro, NC. The NCSBA is the professional organization that represents 116 local school boards in NC. This Association helps, develop communicate, and advocate for the perspective of NC school districts. This video contest was open to NCSBA member district middles schools.

      Back in October, Mr. John Lassiter, CMS principal, asked the CMS Broadcast Team to create and produce a video for the “Middle Student Video Contest” at the NCSBA conference. This team jumped at the chance to share their talents and creativity to produce a video, which would make CMS shine across the state. They were challenged to create a 30-45 second video capturing, “What’s Super about Public Schools?”
       The videos were judged on how well they addressed the topic, as well as the quality of the production and the creativity. They were not allowed to have any professional help. The video could be a commercial, new broadcast, music video, etc. CMS chose to make a News Broadcast called, “Superism.” It portrayed how CMS was being invaded with super activities and it was spreading across the school. Here’s their video.


      The CMS Broadcast Team was thrilled to hear they had won 1st place. Chowan Middle is so very proud of their students!!! Go Chowan Bulldogs!!!


Human Body Systems Project
Mrs. Olson's Science Classes

Students in 7th grade have recently completed an in-depth human body systems project. The science essential standards require that students be able to explain the body systems and how they interact. The body systems project lead them through a process to help them reach this goal. On day one students read information about organs to learn their jobs and what organ system they were a part of. Day two required the children to cut out organ shapes and write what they had learned. Flaps for each organ were colored correctly and attached to the writing on day 3. The culmination of the project was students tracing their bodies and attaching all the organs correctly. The kids had a great time with this project while learning science and how to collaborate with others. Please stop by to take a look at the completed projects hanging on the 7th grade wall!

Wrestling Team Takes 2nd Place

2016-2017 2nd Place Wrestling  Team

CMS Student Council
CMS Student Council created health kits for UMCOR disaster relief. All the supplies were donated by students and staff at CMS. These kits will be sent to people in need in North Carolina.
#1 Club Celebration
Students enjoyed an extra treat on Friday for making good grades.  These students were treated to chips and extra time outside for making the Gold and Maroon club.  We are so proud of our students for working hard. 

Thank You, McDonald's

CMS would like to thank the following managers at the ​McDonald's of
Edenton​ for their generosity, Siera Gibson, Tamara Phillips and Samantha Johnson. They supported our PBIS Program in a huge way by donating over 100 gift cards to receive a free small order of fries.

Our students, faculty and staff are grateful!!!

CMS School Improvement Plan
Parents please take time to review the CMS School Improvement Plan. This plan was created by our "Team Leaders" with input from 3 parents in our community. We have two documents to share on school improvement that are linked below. The plans we have developed will continue to challenge our students to "Be the Best They Can Be". CMS did receive a D letter grade for the 15-16 school year, but we are continually making progress to our goal of being an A school. Last year, we met the state's expect growth index for the 9th time in 10 years. Please look at our plans and provide us feedback to help us improve the education we give our students in Chowan County.

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Award Days & Times

6th Grade
June 8th 
Bunch/Joseph - 8:15
Hobbs, Horton, Spivey, Hall - 10:00

7th Grade
June 8th  
Hunt, Perry, Reinhold, Richardson - 8:30
Smoot, Olson, Lynch, Layden - 9:00

8th Grade
June 9th
Continuation - 9:00

Window Art
Mrs. Copeland's 8th grade art students finished their window art project. CMS students can now admire beautiful pieces of art in the halls and the lunch room. They are beautiful!!

Environmental Field Day

The sixth grade class was invited to the Northern Rec. to attend the Environmental Field Day, May 12th, and was sponsored by the Chowan Soil and Water Conservation District. We went through eight stations: J. Turner (Forestry), B. Gardner (Recycling), M. Leary (Agri-Pride Simulator), K. Sanford (Great Dismal Swamp Park), D. Hesseling (Wildlife Specialist), S. Gobel (Aquaculture Specialist), E. Basnight (K-9 Unit), and R. Long (Forest Ranger). 

We learned how to measure the length of an alligator- you have to estimate from the tip of its nose to its eyes and for each inch on the nose it equals one foot in length. We also learned about the types of good and bad fires. We learned that rangers mark turtles and record and track data. One of our favorite things was getting to see the real animals and touching animal furs. We all learned new things, and really enjoyed our day of learning about the environment! 

We want to thank you for sharing your jobs with us!!
- Elizabeth, Bailey, and Axel from Mrs. Bunch’s Home Base

Environmental Field Day
The 6th graders enjoyed  Environmental Field Day today. The students learned about how to care for the plants and animals in Chowan County. We would like to thank everyone for giving our students this unique learning opportunity.

School Nurse Day
CMS would like to recognize the best school nurse in the state! We love you Mrs. Spruill and appreciate all that you do for our students.

Jeremy Anderson
CMS students and the community enjoyed hearing a powerful message from Jeremy Anderson on May 4th. Mr. Anderson encouraged students to stop making excuses for their circumstances, but make the right choices and respect themselves. Everyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and determination. CMS would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting this event.  

Motivational Speaker
Mark you calendar! CMS is excited to have Jeremy Anderson come to speak to our students later this year. He is a powerful motivational speaker and will be speaking on the importance of making good choices. CMS will be hosting a evening event for the community on May 4th at 6 pm. SAVE THE DATE and come be encouraged!

Donuts For Dad

Mrs. M. Spivey’s Math Classes

WOW! This year is “flying” by...34 Days to Go! During the fourth nine weeks, we will be studying Ratios, Proportions, & Percents and Geometry. We began our study of Ratios by making comparisons of everyday situations, like the number of girls to boys in our class. Next, we used graphs to make comparisons based on information that we read about. We also learned how to find equivalent ratios and complete ratio tables. As we move on to learn about Proportions, we will continue to use Study Island, MobyMax, and Prodigy to practice skills learned and strive for Mastery (at least 80% Proficiency) on all content assigned!


We will be updating our ISN’s (Interactive Student Notebooks) to display our new section: Proportions.

Language Arts with Mrs. Hobbs

Sixth Grade Language Arts students just completed the novel, The Lightning Thief, the 1st book in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series by Rick Riordan. Our students were very diligent in their reading-it was a 22 chapter novel with 375 pages! Some students have even started reading other books in the series. Students showed a lot of interest in Greek Mythology and we have researched and read a few more myths that came up in the book. Our students then created a vase with a drawing that represented a Greek god or goddess. Greek pottery helps us understand the way of life for the ancient Greeks.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Thank you to the NC Arts Council for sponsoring our 7th grade students to attend the COA play. They loved viewing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

PBIS Celebration 
CMS students enjoyed their 3rd nine weeks PBIS with a student verses faculty/community basketball game on Friday, March 31st. The faculty fought hard, but lost to the students. The half show included steps teams from Hampton University and a dunking contest.  Everyone had an awesome time celebrating good behavior.

Welcome To Mrs. Hall-Fleming's Classroom

Mrs. Hall-Fleming's classes are "Out of This World!" We just wrapped up our unit on "Earth and Space." Students presented their outer space projects, as we moved on to Earth's layers and theory behind plate tectonics. We will be beginning our next unit on soil and good health. I have been fortunate enough to have been funded by several generous donors at donorschoose.orgto implement some interactive MudWatts. These
 MudWatts will show the students how we can create clean energy from mud. This STEM learning will help students understand the environment in which they live, and how important it is to take care of it. Also, parents and students helped me collect several SunnyD labels, which resulted in twenty free books for our classroom library. THANK YOU for all the help in collecting those labels! These books will prove to be a huge hit within the classroom.

Social Studies with
Ms. Hunt
In Ms. Hunt's Social Studies class, we've just concluded our unit on European Imperialism. Students worked in groups to create a country, flag, national anthem, and constitution. They were then allowed to go around the room and plant their flags on any item they wanted to claim, including each other!

Chowan Broadcast 4-3-17

Chowan Broadcast

Field Trips have been Scheduled

Attention Parents: Field Trips have been planned for CMS students. Our 8th graders will be taking a field trip to ECSU later this month. Our 7th grade students will be going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at COA in April, and our 6th grade students will have the chance to attend Barnum and Bailey Circus later this year. Our teachers and PTA work extremely hard to fundraise at CMS. Their work has paid off in providing great learning opportunities for our students. I am excited about the next couple of weeks at Chowan Middle School.


Chowan Middle School partnered with the NC Sate University's Goodnight Scholars program on Friday, March 10th. The scholars and our teachers assisted our 7th grade science students with STEM activities. It was great to see universities in our state investing in STEM education in rural North Carolina. Check out some pictures of previous Goodnight Scholar events.

7th Grade Science with Mr. Reinhold

This past month in my 7th grade science we have been studying genetics, and how our features are determined by our genes. We have built our knowledge of genetics by first understanding the structure and function of DNA, Genes, and Chromosomes. We did several activities to model these structures, including our favorite which was the edible DNA where students created a replica of DNA using various candies. We have built on this knowledge to explain how genetic information is passed from cell to cell during cellular reproduction and how genes are passed from parents to offspring during sexual reproduction. We are currently exploring how organisms can adapt to changing environments through the process of natural selection and examining the possible consequences that climate change could have on a variety of species around the world. ​

Language Arts 
Ashley Richardson

In 7th grade ELA, we are continuing our unit on the Holocaust. Students researched the history of the Holocaust using a web quest and presented their findings to other classmates. So far, we have studied many informational texts about Adolf Hitler, concentration camps and life during that time period. Students were most intrigued when they listened to first-hand accounts and testimonies of survivors of the Holocaust. Now, we are reading poems from children of the Holocaust. Students are analyzing, annotating and making relevant connections all while being interested and engaged.

Math with Mrs. Lynch

In 7th and 8th grade math we are using our benchmark data to help up review, and reteach topics from earlier in the year. I use Schoolnet data to determine what standards have been mastered, what standards are giving students the hardest time and what students really need some one-on- one attention. As a class we go over questions that less than 30% of the class answered correctly. Students are able to see the most common error as well as the correct answer. Together we "attack" the question. We look for key vocabulary to help us in answering the question, we look at answer choices that are clearly wrong and go ahead and get rid of them. Step-by- step we work the questions out. This activity really helps students have a true "AH HA" moment about where they went wrong in solving the questions. After we complete our whole group activity the students break off in smaller groups based off of the standards they are struggling with.

7th/8th Grade Dream Team ~ 
English Language Arts 
Nicole Smoot

My students on the 7/8 Dream Team have been hard at work in the first half of the school year, in English Language Arts.

Right now, in 8th grade, we are in our Dystopian Literature Unit. Dystopian literature is where there is an illusion of a perfect society/world. It is easy for my students to connect to this unit because it is so prevalent in popular young adult literature today, such as in the Divergent series and The Hunger Games series. We are currently working on analyzing the short story “The Lottery”. This story definitely has a twist at the end, and most students do not see it coming. It also leads to many questions and discussions within my classroom. But, I love it when my students want to discuss what we are reading, because it tells me that they have become invested in their own learning. This unit introduces new short stories, like the one that we are reading now, and allows my students to critically think about the author’s intended meaning and theme.

In 7th grade, we are currently working in our WWII-Holocaust Unit. We started this unit talking about how we label people today, and how those labels could be twisted and used in the wrong manner. This is a very interesting unit that causes many students to question our society, and humanity as a whole. The unit requires students to really consider the age-old adage of “Treat others the way that you want to be treated”. For most students, they are not even realizing that they are learning about reading strategies, specifically, strategies for reading nonfiction because they are so invested in this unit. I love how this unit has already led to many questions and discussions within my classroom. I also love when I can see that a unit is causing my students to really think and engage with the information that is being presented to them.

During WIN time, I have recently started pulling small groups of students. Within these small groups, we are working to master specific skills that have not been mastered at this point in the school year. By pulling data from their Study Island assignments (that I have been assigning all year), I have been able to target specific needs for those students in my small groups. We are going back, and working to make sure that they understand what might have been missed at the beginning of the year. I cannot wait to see how this small group setting will impact my students.

Language Arts can be so much more than just “reading a text”. It is encouraging to see that what we are reading seems to be impacting their lives on a deeper level. We are going to continue to work hard, and grow together for the remainder of the year!


                      SOCIAL MEDIA  






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