Lock Up Hunger Food Drive
 Huge Success
Debbie Bunch's 6th grade class raised 780 lbs of food for Lock up for Hunger. All of their generosity and love for the community will be rewarded with a Pizza Party. Thank you Deputy Callon and Chowan County Sheriff's Department for supporting this valuable fundraiser. 

Chowan Broadcast 

Chowan Broadcast

Career Day

Chowan Broadcast 

Chowan Broadcast 2-26

Acts of Kindness
Thank you White Oak Elementary School for spreading kindness at CMS today. The ECPS system is a special place to work. #GoCubbies

Chowan Broadcast

Chowan Broadcast 2-19-18

ART  with Mrs. Copeland
The CMS World of Visual Art is bustling with activity! Students are experimenting with lots of different art materials—oil pastels, watercolors, acrylics, tempera paints, recycled materials, wire, wood, clay, yarn, digital photography—the list goes on and on. Students learn skills that will help them in any avenue that they may choose to follow in life.

Sixth graders experiment with color schemes and mixing. Many are exposed to various art materials for the first time. Seventh graders continue their journey through art by working with color theory. They create their first gridded self-portraits. Eighth grade students are in Visual Art class for a semester. They spend their time created 3D art compositions. Our projects include weaving on looms and creating art with wood and metal.

CMS Art Club students have begun to paint the windows in our Fine Arts building. Their designs are already brightening up the hallway there!

Throughout their time in Art, students learn about various artists and time periods around the world and art movements. They make connections between art class and their studies in other core classes.

CMS Bulldogs are using their creativity to beautify their lives and our school!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks to a generous donation by a community member, every female student on our campus got a flower on Valentine's Day.

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Chowan Broadcast 2-12-18

Chowan Broadcast 

Chowan Broadcast 2-5-18

PTA Fundraiser

The CMS PTA will be holding a Valentine’s Day Carnation Sale. Orders for carnations will be Tuesday, January 30th-Thursday, Feb. 1st. Proceeds from sales will help purchase snow cones for students at our annual EOG celebration in June.

Students can purchase carnations for themselves, classmates, teachers/staff members or family members. Parents can purchase carnations for their child/children or sponsor a class. Purchasing a carnation for someone is a small gesture that can really make someone’s Valentine’s Day and make them feel special.

We will be selling red (love), pink (like), and white (friendship) carnations for $2.00 each. Bouquets are also available (6 carnations for $12 or 12 carnations for $24). Each carnation or carnation bouquet will be wrapped in tissue paper with a Valentine’s Day tag completed by the sender. Parents can sponsor an entire class for $38. Each child in the class will receive a carnation wrapped in tissue paper with a tag attached from your child.

Parents if you would like to place an order, please send payment and order in a sealed envelope to your child’s home base teacher this week, no later than Thursday. You may also drop off your order in the office if you would like it to be a surprise. Students will place orders during lunch. Thank you for your participation. If you have any questions please call Chowan Middle School at 221-4131.

Chowan Broadcast 1-29

Chowan Broadcast 1-29

Saturday, January 20, 2018, has been scheduled as a make-up day. School will start at the regular time and will dismiss at 12:30 pm. The buses will run and both breakfast and lunch will be served.
Image may contain: text

Saturday, January 20, 2018, has been scheduled as a make-up day. All schools will start the day at their regular time and will dismiss at 12:30 pm. The buses will run and both breakfast and lunch will be served.

Additionally, January 24, 2018 (scheduled as an Early Release Day for the high school) and March 2, 2018 (scheduled as an Early Release Day for the elementary and middle schools) will now be regular school days.

Chowan Middle Schools Benchmark testing dates have been moved to next Tuesday-Thursday. Please remind your child that we will not be testing this week but remember to use this extra time to get more prepared to "ace the tests" next week.


 Chowan Broadcast 1-16-19

Chowan Broadcast 1-16

           Thanks 292

A big shout out to Brian Callon. He surprised our staff with a biscuit this morning on Wednesday, 

Jan. 3, 2018. This is what it is like to be part of the #CMSFamily.
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Santa Visits CMS
Santa Claus made a special stop at CMS on our last day of school. He needed some extra paper to write down the names of the Bulldogs on his "NICE" list this year.

Winter Concert 
Thanks to Mr. O'Neal and Mrs. O'Kelly,
everyone was able to enjoyed a wonderful night of music and singing at the Winter Concert. Everyone was impressed to see how the students had grown in musical talents from 6th to 8th grade. According to Mr. O'Neal, it takes lots of practice and commitment.

Chowan Broadcast 12-18-17

Chowan Broadcast 12-18-17


           Polar Express

Mrs. O'Kelly's students performed the play, "Polar Express" for a group of students, at White Oak Elementary on Tuesday, Dec. 12th. The CMS students designed and made all the scenery for the play. This was their first performance, but it will definitely not be their last. We are so very proud of them!

Chowan Broadcast 12-11-17

Chowan Broadcast 12-11-17

  Chowan Broadcast 12-4-17

Chowan Broadcast 12-4-17

          Letters for Students

Today every student at CMS got a letter from a staff member telling them we are thankful for them and that we care about their future. It was great to see their smiles, tears, and excitement as they opened the letters.

Chowan Broadcast 11-20

Chowan Broadcast


Reading Goals
Over 150 students met their Reading Goal for the 1st nine weeks. These met all their teacher's reading requirements, and earned popcorn and free lunch time in the media center. They enjoyed playing videos games and talking with their friends. We hope to see more students, next 9 weeks!


Great things are happening in the CMS STEM lab. Jim Baker is a retired commercial pilot and he visited CMS last week. It was great to have him interacting with the Bulldogs.

Chowan Broadcast for 11-13-17

Chowan Broadcast

Chowan Broadcast for 11-6-17

Chowan Broadcast

Glow Dance

CMS students and staff had a ball at the Glow Dance on Friday, Oct. 13th. More than 200, (referral free), students were given glow hats, sticks, and glasses. The students and their parents were treated to supper as well. Community organizations also setup information tables for parents to visit while the child enjoyed the dance.  The night was a huge success!

Chowan Broadcast 10-23-17

Chowan Broadcast

Bully Free
As a part of our Bully Free campaign, we are serving every student orange Koolaid.

Hurricane Relief Service Project

CMS rallied together and brought in lots of donations for our school-wide hurricane relief service project. We assembled over 100 hygiene kits for the hurricane victims in Florida and Louisiana. We are very proud of our efforts!!!!

Chowan Broadcast 10-16-17

Chowan Broadcast 10-30-17

Chowan Broadcast 10-30-17

Chowan Broadcast 9-25-17

Chowan Broadcast 9-25-17

Sports Physical Survey
Parents and Guardians please take a few minutes to complete this survey on sports physicals.

Jeremy Anderson
Jeremy Anderson challenged us to #StartStrong and go to the #NextLevel this morning. What a powerful message for the Bulldogs! We have had 7 great days of school. For more pictures from today check out this link, https://photos.app.goo.gl/7riX650yZNL4wlw42


Friday CMS had four students recognized for placing in a local art competition. Our 8th grade choir has two performances scheduled this month. The Arts are important to a well rounded education and CMS is lucky to have fabulous visual and performance art teachers.

NC State Goodnight Scholars
Our 7th grade students completed STEM tasks with NC STATE students. The Goodnight Scholars Program has visited CMS for a second consecutive year to work with our students. This year they also met with our 6th grade AIG students to talk about student leadership and college life.
#GoBulldogs #GoPack #STEMReady

STEM with Ms. Strode

Stem is off to an amazing start this quarter. For those of you who are not familiar with the class; it is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. In the lab, students participate in a variety of hands on activities on a daily basis. So what’s going on right now? 

Our sixth graders are getting their first exposure to the Pitsco curriculum. In the Pitsco lab, students rotate every 7 days to different stations. These stations include anything from Plastics and Polymers where they are making putty and creating golf tees by polymer injection to Changing Oceans where groups will examine the impact that we as humans are having on the world’s oceans. One of the more popular modules is the CNC manufacturing station where students are creating projects of their choice using the Z-mill machine. 

The seventh graders are also getting first hand exposure to a variety of experiential based lessons. The latest unit for them has been Forensic Science. Students have learned to take and identify fingerprints, identify the benefits and pitfalls of eyewitnesses, and begun to hone their observations skills. In their groups they even worked together to solve a murder mystery. Their culminating event for the unit will to be able to actually extract their own DNA, to analyze it and then be able to take it home. Talk about higher level learning!!! 

This year, we have been incredibly lucky to have had the chance to upgrade the 8th grade STEM curriculum. We were able to obtain some of the most high tech equipment found in any middle school in Northeast NC. Now instead of only being able to have 2 participants at each station, we are actually able to work as entire class on the same lab! On any given day, it is not unusual to find our 8th graders building remote control robots, model skyscrapers, or learning to create composites and analyze their strengths and weakness. 

The STEM lab is alive and energized here at CMS! Stop by anytime to see what great things are happening! 

Business and Computer Technology with Ms. Jordan
Keyboarding Techniques, Microsoft Excel, and Business Classifications are taking over Room 310!!

This month 6th-grade students have been learning keyboarding techniques and posture. Students are used to “hunting and pecking” on the keyboards, but learning how to type without looking at the keyboard has become a difficult and not so fun task, but most students have taken it with great stride and many have shown great improvement. Pre and post-test scores have shown that the majority of the students grew tremendously.

Microsoft Excel was an unfamiliar program for most of my 7th graders. We have learned to use MS Excel functions to make calculations. Students learned how to perform calculations for terms that they usually only hear in math class: Maximum, Minimum, Average, and Median. Students also learned how to correctly create visual representations of numerical information.

8th graders are learning about the different business classifications and the advantages and disadvantages involved in each business type. Students had the opportunity to create their own sole proprietorships. Each student created a business flyer and business card to promote their business. Students worked in pairs to create partnerships. Some groups were able to experience the difficulties of creating a partnership. Compromising and communication were very important to the success of the activity.

Field Trip to Edenton
How do you learn history? The 8th graders at CMS are using Edenton's local history to set the stage for their civil rights unit. Talk about making history come alive!

Contest Winner
Congratulations to Rebecca, who is a district essay contest winner and is moving to the state level. We are proud of you Rebecca!

Language Arts with Ms. Sutton
                         Dream Team ELA
In 7th grade ELA, Ms. Sutton's students have recently taken their second NC Check-In assessment, which is a mini version of the state Reading EOG. We were very pleased with the results and growth from the first NC Check-In this year. Students will soon analyze their assessments to determine their areas of strength and areas for growth as we move into the last half of the school year.

7th graders have recently been studying text structure and completing various activities including guided notes, "Around the Room" activities, task cards, and Learn Zillion lessons. These learning activities help students to fully understand the various types of text structure an author uses and how these structures impact the meaning of a text, help develop the central idea of a text and contribute to the mood of the text. 

8th grade ELA students are currently studying "Author's Claim". Students have completed various learning activities to identify the claim an author makes in their argument, identify the counterclaim and identify the reasoning and evidence the author uses to support their claim. Students then analyze the information to determine if the author has provided "relevant" and "sufficient" evidence to support the claim. This allows students to be "the judge", but it also requires them to remove the bias of their own personal opinion or feelings on the topics presented in these texts and focus only on the evidence provided in the text. Parents, beware, your children are learning how to make strong, convincing arguments. You may see them apply this knowledge as they ask for privileges, cell phones, cars, etc...in the future. :-)

Social Studies Quest with Ms. Hunt

Students in Ms. Hunt's Social Studies class experienced the Storming of the Batille by engaging in an adventure quest. Adventurers all started at the same point in history; however, their choices about how they would have reacted during the French Revolution led them to different places. At the end of the activity, students wrote two journal entries from the perspective of either Queen Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI, a person who actually revolted, or a person who witnessed the execution of the king.
"History is a kind of introduction to more interesting people than we can possibly meet in our restricted lives; let us not neglect the opportunity. ~Dexter Perkins"

Kiwanis Club donate to CMS

The CMS track and field team would like to thank the Kiwanis Club for donating 10 brand, new hurdles. These hurdles will surely make a huge difference in our training and performance. We know our athletes will be trilled to have them. Thank you so much for your generosity. 

SnowBall Dance

Shout to Paul Holler

CMS would like to send out a big SHOUT OUT to Paula Holler for donating a 31 star fish charm bracelet to each of our ladies. The star fish charm is a reminder of how much each young lady is loved. 
Thank you to Paula Holler for helping us celebrate how special the young ladies of CMS are to us. You are beautiful,  just as you are!

Math with Mrs. Byrum

In 8th grade Math, students have been working hard on equations and will be moving on to linear equations. In Math 1, the students have been working on Linear equations and are moving on to systems. They have also completed a Geometry project. 

8th Grade ~ English Language Arts

Mrs. Smoot

My students have been working hard in the first half of the school year. Right now, we are starting our project for the short story, “To Build a Fire". We just started reading the story last week, and it has led to a lot of great discussions. I love it when my students want to discuss what 
Image result for english language artsWe are reading, because it shows me that they are engaged and invested in their learning. Students also learned a new vocabulary word with this short story and that word is, “hubris”. Hubris is when a character is extremely proud and arrogant, and those traits lead to the character’s downfall. We have discussed why a literary author would choose to have a hubristic character, and what we (the readers) are supposed to learn from that type of character. This will lead into our discussion of possible themes for this short story. 

The project that my students will be completing will have them working on a variety of skills, such as identifying story elements, creating a plot diagram, identifying and analyzing figurative language, identifying and analyzing different types of irony, and sequencing events in the short story. Students will also be creating bubble maps to analyze the main characters from the short story. On their bubble maps, my students will use adjectives to describe the main characters, and have text evidence to defend each of their descriptions. This project will take us into the beginning of the year.

Image result for reading quotes
There are also different assignments that my students do weekly. Students are required to read and analyze a nonfiction text every Monday. With the nonfiction article, students also have to answer constructed response questions, using the R.A.C.E.S strategy. Each week, students are also required to complete their assignment in Study Island. This is a great resource, and it helps build a variety of skills for students. Lastly, each week, students receive new vocabulary words. These vocabulary words are higher-level words, and students have to be able to identify the definition and correctly use the word in context. 
We are off to a great start to this school year, and I cannot wait to see what the remaining half of the year holds for our class. 

Social Studies with Mr. Young 

   “Ancient Egypt”
This week my 6th grade students began their 3day project pertaining to the mysterious death of Queen Hatshepsut. Students will have to determine whether or not she was murdered or died of natural causes. On day one, students read 7 documents and use Kami to highlight evidence to support their belief. Day 2, they will be placed into groups of 3 to 4 and construct a poster board with the following: 1) Questions, 2) Hypothesis, 3) Evidence and 4) Conclusion. Once all the information and evidence is gathered, students will present and support their argument to the class, using the Qball.

Science and Drones
Learning how to operate a drone is vital in the 21st century. Drones usage is beneficial when trying to collect data from a remote area that is not accessible by humans. Drones can collect data related topography changes in a landscape/coastline in addition to remote sensing that can collect data on climate changes over a period of time. By doing so, this will allow us as humans to save possible endangered plants/animals and give us as humans vital information how we need to adjust our infrastructure of roads and buildings; hurricane damages, weathering and erosion along the coast.
Ms. Cofield's 8th grade science classes had the opportunity to program and fly drones this week.  The students successfully wrote their own commands to fly the drone and identify the animal that was in a distressed situation. They also identified the energy form used by the drone when it was in motion.


                   Law and Order CMS

Sixth Grade ELA students investigated a crime scene in order to practice making inferences. Students in Mrs. Horton's First Core toured the crime scene, assuming the role of Investigative Reporter, identifying clues/evidence and making inferences in regards to what happened, when it happened, why it happened, and who committed the crime.

After touring the scene and recording their thoughts, students headed to the "office" to begin writing their news articles, explaining what they believed happened, citing evidence from the scene. They were required to include three similes, two hyperboles, and at least one metaphor in their article.

               Maroon & Gold Club 
Students making the Maroon & Gold Club were treated to extra snacks and free time after lunch on Nov. 7th. In order to make this club, students must have all As and Bs, and satisfactory in conduct. We are so very proud of all these students.

CMS Fall Festival was a Huge Success
CMS Fall Festival parent night was a huge success! Over 200 students and their parents attended the 1st CMS Fall Festival on Nov. 2nd. Everyone enjoyed hotdogs , hamburgers, cotton candy, snow cones, candy apples, games, hayrides, but most of all the dunking booth.
Students, who brought a parent, also received a free ticket to the December 13th basketball game.                 


PBIS Celebration
Over 400 bags of popcorn was served, at our PBIS celebration. Referral free behavior pays off at CMS!

Drug Free Week
Take the CMS Red Ribbon Campaign Pledge: 
I pledge to stay in school and learn the things that I need to know. I pledge to make the world a better place. I pledge to keep my dreams alive and be all that I can be. I pledge to help others and to keep myself DRUG FREE!!!! Click on the link: I Pledge

Homecoming at CMS
Wednesday, Oct. 18th was Homecoming and Senior night for Chowan Middle. Parents, staff and students packed the stands to be apart of this awesome event. All the 8th graders and parents were recognized at halftime.
The 2017-2018 Homecoming court was introduced, and king and queen were announced. Congratulations to NyQuan Twine, our Homecoming king, and Precious Bond, our Homecoming Queen. The night ended with big win for our football team, making the evening perfect.


Peanut Parade

CMS had a ball at the Peanut Parade on Saturday, Oct. 8. The band marched with pride and the cheerleaders led cheers, as Mr. Lassiter pulled the float.

United Against Bullying Week

Constitution Day

This weekend CMS had a group of standout students participate in a constitution day event at the historic Edenton Courthouse. John Lassiter had the privileged of reading the preamble of the Constitution before hearing the CMS choir sing God Bless America with the Albemarle Sounds. CMS also recognized 4 student who won a local art competition. What an incredible experience it was for our students.

PTA Fundraiser

Did you know Chowan Middle School can raise money by shopping online all season long, starting now? Forward the message below to parents, team members and sellers to spread the good news!

Hi Chowan Middle School Friends and Family!
Help us raise funds for a great cause. Every order counts and I'm hoping you can take a moment to shop online & support Chowan Middle School.
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Chowan Middle School

Art with Mrs. O'Kelly

What’s happening in the Fine Arts these days at Chowan Middle School, you ask? Well, in Mrs. O’Kelley’s class we have a lot that we are excited about. This Spring, the 8th grade choir will be embarking on a musical competition and Busch Gardens trip. The choir will be judged and evaluated on a plethora of different musical components and will receive scores based on the performance. We will be competing against several other middle schools so we are practicing very hard to do as well as we can and represent Chowan Middle School.
The Drama club will be performing its first musical, Cinderella Kids! The musical will be presented at White Oak School on April, 20th at 6:30pm. The drama club has been practicing on club Fridays to perfect their acting, lines and music for a performance like none other. Mrs. O’Kelley’s theatre classes are helping to create backdrops, scenery, costumes and props. We are all very excited and hope you can join us to see the performance in April!


Speaking of theatre class, we are about to start our special effects make-up unit. During this unit we learn about the different types of theatre make-up, how to apply and when to use it. This is by far one of my favorite lessons to teach. We learn everything from every day make-up to blood, cuts, bruises and more!

Math with Mrs. Lynch

In 7th grade, we are finishing up our Expressions and Equations unit. Students have been working hard on simplifying, and solving equations and inequalities. Students have learned to solve one, two and multi- step equations, inequalities and word problems. We have used multiple resources to help enhance our learning and make it fun, Nearpod and Kahoot are some of our favorites. We will be moving into our Geometry Unit next, starting with ANGLES.
In 8th grade math, we are working on all things with Slope. Students have learned to identify the type of slope, positive, negative, zero or undefined. Students are learning how to find the slope and y-intercept on a graph, in an equations, table and with ordered pairs. Students are challenging each others skills and learning more about slope by competing in Quizzizz.

Social Studies with Ms. Layden

Students on the Dream Team have been very busy in between the snow days, benchmarks and winter break. Despite the numerous days out, we have managed to get a lot accomplished!!

In 7th grade, we are completing our unit on political and Industrial Revolutions - 1775-1850. We have targeted in on how our previous unit, the Enlightenment, sparked revolutions across the world. We focused on learning on the American Revolution, the French Revolution and independence in Latin America. Our next area of study will be the Industrial Revolution and how it caused economic, cultural, and political changes around the world.

Our 8th graders are studying the pre Civil War era. We have analyzed the differences in cultures, economies, and ways of life in the northern and souther states prior to the Civil War. Another target area for this time period was immigration and new movements in America. A major focus point was the growth of cities, and how Americans began working to reform society, improve women's rights, and the abolition of slavery.

Dream Team with Mrs. Olson

It’s hard to believe that the end of the second nine weeks is already here. As part of the Dream Team’s discipline plan we use Classdojo to track student behavior, both positive and negative. Students who have fewer than 13 negative marks can attend our Nine Weeks Celebration, “Dream Time”, which will take place this Friday morning, January 26th. During this time students will be able to choose an activity they would like to participate in. The choices will be to watch a movie, go outside, or have time to play games on the chromebooks. This is a reward that the Dream Team really looks forward to each nine weeks. To top it off students who don’t have referrals will be able to participate in the PBIS celebration this Friday afternoon. Hard work and good behavior definitely pays off on the “Dream Team” and at CMS!

Social Studies with Mrs. Biggs

In 8th grade social studies we recently studied westward expansion in the early 1800s. Students learned about Andrew Jackson, the Indian Removal Act, trails settlers used to move west, the Texas Revolution and the Mexican-American War. We completed a mock trial deciding whether Andrew Jackson was a hero or villain. Each student was either a lawyer, witness or jury member and had to prepare for the trial. Another fun activity was the Oregon Trail simulation. Students had to make decisions and "travel the trail" to hopefully make it to the end! We are now studying the Industrial Revolution.

Science with Ms. Cofield

8th Science and the Earth & Environmental Science classes are currently studying the Molecular Biology Unit of Study. This unit includes studying the following topics: prokaryotic & eukaryotic cells, Cell Theory, plant & animal cells/structures, cellular reproduction (mitosis & meiosis), photosynthesis & cellular respiration. 

Students have had the opportunity to complete online cell simulations through SEPUP & Sheppard Software to assist them with visual recognition and individual self assessment (formative and summative). 


We Are STEM Crazy!!

Written By

Daven Brabble, Hannah Nixon, and Ellie Spear

In STEM CRAZY, we worked together to build and construct amazing things using K’NEX and other cool building objects. Our first week, we learned what DNA was. We created unique DNA dog drawings and discussed how variations can led to the inheritance of different traits. We also built DNA sculptures using the K’NEX building tools. The second week, we used the K’NEX blocks to build important structures such as The Eiffel Tower in Paris and Big Ben, the clock located in London. STEM CRAZY is a very fun club and helps kids learn in a very unique way how to build a variety of engineering marvels. Every week we will work together to build and figure out different structures and puzzles. We will also learn codes to work robots and construct different structures. Later this year, we will build a bridge and if it does not work then it will collapse and we will fail womp, womp! Afterwards we will have to find our mistakes and try again! STEM CRAZY is a club that makes you think critically in many ways because when you code you have to think about where your robot is going and you have to watch it and the computer . We made K’NEX models that were very awesome. This time the girls finished first. When the boys were almost finished one of their models collapsed. The battle is on! Our teachers in STEM club are Mrs. Bunch and Mrs. Joseph. They are

the teachers that make STEM and building with K’NEX building blocks fun. Here our some pics of STEM club. 

Math with Ms. Ullom

How is Math in 6th grade? If you ask any one of the kids in my classes you would hear words like hard, frustrating, sometimes confusing; but you would also hear words like fun, exciting, new. Normally, these sets of words would not go together, but in this case it fits perfectly! How so? When you learn something new, it's going to be hard and confusing, but it's the spin you take on it that affects your attitude. The rigor in my classroom is demanding and the kids become frustrated when they are at the forefront of their own learning. However, the excitement in the classroom is there, the engagement is there, and the higher level conversations and collaboration is there.

So, what have we done exactly? I'm glad you asked! We have covered ratios, proportions, unit rates, ratio tables, double number lines, tape diagrams, percents, division of fractions, and so much more! Students are pioneering into unknown math territories and revisiting some old stomping grounds with a slightly different twist. Pictured you will see fraction tiles we have been using to model division properties. (Just because we're in middle school doesn't mean we don't get down with manipulatives!) .

While the content may be rigorous and at times frustrating, there are students who are realizing and saying that "Math isn't as hard as they always thought it was." "I've never been good at math before, and now I'm finally learning" or "If I would've known it would've been this easy I would've done more work before". So, while they may fight tooth and nail to learn new things, eventually their math lightbulbs start to shine brighter and brighter and their confidence builds and builds. Like I've always said my goal is to make every student who enters my door enjoy math class more so than PE!

An Amazing First Nine Weeks!!

Sixth graders have been busy learning the ins and outs of middle school! They have had a lot of firsts... CMS Sports, Exploratory rotation, Field Day, Spirit Week & Homecoming, Benchmarks, pumpkin decorating & Fall Festival, and are starting the second nine weeks strong. We are ready to tackle a new nine weeks and start our first club schedule at Chowan Middle School in a few weeks.

Believe it or not, among all this fun, we are learning too! :)


English Language Arts and Social Studies Classes in Room 304 with Mrs. Horton

Our English Language Arts class began the year with a reading interest survey, a group writing project in which we explored various literary genres, and our first literary unit, “Growing Up.” We’ve read fictional short stories and poems, several of which we compared and contrasted printed versions with their film versions, with learning targets have focusing on literary devices and elements. To meet reading requirements set by the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, our school has adopted specific criteria for independent reading of self-selected literature through the Accelerated Reader program.

During the first 9-weeks of our Social Studies classes, we began with an overview of geography and its five themes -- location, place, region, movement, and human-environmental interaction.. By creating personal relevance with these themes, we began the venture of linking the past, the present, and future, while surveying history, physical and human geography, economics, civics and government, and cultures. Highlights from our first 9-weeks include individual projects that feature four early river valley civilizations, including the Nile, Indus Valley, Huang He, and Mesopotamian regions. Students researched the river valley regions by using printed resources and approved Internet resources to create either Google Slides, Google documents, or detailed foldable projects. During each 9-weeks period, we will develop special projects that feature historical eras, events, and people to extend our learning targets.

In English Language Arts and Social Studies classes, we will combine textbook resources and printed selections with use of Chromebooks to access digital resources.

Christina Elmore's Science Classes

Eager young scientists have been learning that they are made up of atoms, so they matter! We have been studying that atoms are the building blocks of life and make up everything. we are learning to distinguish atoms, elements and compounds. Our conversations are thought provoking and and our inquiry is limitless. Be sure to be on the lookout for our epic matter experiments!

Ms. Hunt's Social Studies

In Ms. Hunt’s class, young scholars apply the concepts they’ve learned to various projects. From learning the geography of Chowan County to bringing the Mona Lisa to the 21st century and comparing Protestant religions, these talented youths take great pride in their work. Our discussions are spirited and our work is stellar. Stayed tuned for more excellent things to come!

Perry's Classes 
CMS Unites Against Bullying

October is national bullying awareness and prevention month. Last week each class participated in "bully free" activities planned by our school counselor Mrs. Richardson. Students signed a bully free banner, watched a video on cyber-bullying, greeted each other with smiles and high-fives, orange out and ended the week with a class made video to share with our school. Ms Perry's class decided to make posters and use the CMS bulldog drone to show them off. All students had a part in this and had fun planning and making it happen!

Science with Mr. Reinhold 

In 7th grade science, we have been exploring the structure of our atmosphere and how heat moves throughout it in an effort to explain the forces that cause weather. Students have been exploring convection, conduction, and radiation with a series of hands-on investigations. In this activity, students explore how changing the temperature of air affects its density by submerging a plastic bottle in an ice bucket and observing how it changes a partially filled balloon attached to the neck. Students then used the information gathered in the investigation to explain why convection occurs.    

Language Arts with Mrs. Richardson

7th grade ELA is off to an awesome start! We began the year with icebreakers and team building activities. The students challenged themselves with the Marshmallow Challenge as a team building exercise. They were able to reflect on their strengths and areas of growth as team members, while practicing collaboration procedures for the classroom.

Their success continued with our thinking map review. Students completed the #ME project and thoroughly enjoyed creating maps that were all about themselves. The project also served as get-to-know me activity for classmates to become acquainted with each other.

Sarah Byrum

AIG is off to a great start this year. Our 7th graders are researching the major effects of WW1, some are using their findings to write their essay for the DAR Essay Competition, and others are using their research to design engaging presentations which will be shared with the class. Our 8th graders are working with About.Me to create online portfolios, which they will be able to use as “holding tanks” throughout their high school careers. This will help with the college application process, and also help them “market” themselves to employers and college recruiters. We also have three college representatives scheduled to meet with our 8th graders during their “lunch and learn” sessions, the first being Chowan University on September 28th.

Sixth grade is gathering data for a Hurricane Research Project, which will require them to develop an action plan for Chowan County.

Olson's Science Class
"The more dense an object is, the closer the molecules are together." Our 8th grade students modeled density using the drone last week. Today, their video was used in a lesson for 7th grade science.

In preparation of 9/11, Chowan Middle School had flag retirement ceremony for the flag in our gym. The service was a great way to start the conversation about the importance of the flag to our country's history.
Thank you to the local American Legion post and DAR chapter for helping us coordinate this service.


Help us serve families in need. We are collecting hygiene supplies until September 22nd for our friends in Texas and Florida.

Meet the Class of 2024

Our 6th graders are proud to be members of the graduating class of 2024! I can't wait to sit on the stage and watch you (all 177) walk across the stage at John A. Holmes.
#ibelieveinyou — with Brenda Ashley Pate,Makesha Spivey, Jennifer Ward Hobbs, Brandon Young and Christina Williams Elmore.

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CMS Clubs
Students click the link above and Choose ONE club from list. Some clubs have one for each grade level, make sure you read carefully and choose the correct one.


Attention Parents! 

Sports Pictures

Fall sports pictures are scheduled for Friday, September 15th for Football and Friday, September 22nd for all other fall sports. Please contact the coach or Allen Harrell with any questions about sports pictures.


On their day back, students were greeted with smiles and hugs by the CMS staff and faculty. Everybody was excited to see each other and ready to start the 2017-2018 school year. It is going to be a great year!


National "Schools to Watch
"Chowan Middle was recognized as a National Schools to Watch in Washington DC this summer. We were asked to present at the national conference on what we do to maintain such a high standard of academic growth. Please help me congratulate our staff during open house for the work they do every day to earn this prestigious award for our school. During our visit we were able to visit Capital Hill and meet with congressman Walter B. Jones.






Picture Day

Mark your calendars! Picture day is scheduled for September 25th. Parents can order student picture packages at mylifetouch.com, picture day ID - VA257114Q0. Picture Flyer. More information will be sent home in the near future.



Mr. Lassiter sends out weekly news letters to the Bulldog parents. To sign up for the Bulldog Bulletin please complete the survey linked below.

Open house was a huge success. Parents and students enjoyed touring classrooms and meeting teachers on August 24.