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MFP Client InterfaceV5V4
MFP Client InterfaceV5V4
“My Favorites” Personalization Standard N/A Not Available  
“Follow-Me” My Favorites Standard N/A Not Available  
Minimize Touches with Scrolling & Flyout Menus Standard N/A Not Available  
External Keyboard Support Standard Standard 
Dynamic, real-time interaction with back-end business applications Improved Limited 
Offline Job Processing & Job Notification speeds batch processing Standard N/A Not Available  
Real Time Document Processing Standard Standard 
MFP Panel Workflow Simulator for Rapid Prototyping and Deployment – No MFP Required Standard Standard 
Fault Resilient Database-driven Architecture Standard N/A Not Available  
Device & Group Activity Tracking & Monitoring Improved Standard 
Device & Group Profile Management Standard N/A Not Available  
Auto-Sync Services Managers for rapid recovery Standard N/A Not Available  
Comprehensive, deployment-optimizing reporting tool Standard N/A Not Available  
Centralized Fleet Management Standard N/A Not Available  
Cross Platform Administration Epanded Limited 
Audit Trail Standard Standard 
User Activity Tracking & Reporting Standard Standard 
Document Tracking & Reporting Standard N/A Not Available  
Image Enhancement Extender Standard Add on = buy 
Cost Recovery Extender Standard Standard 
Highlight & Redact Extender Standard Standard 
Barcode Recognition Standard Add on = buy 
Bates Stamping / Numbering Extender Standard Standard 
Forms Processing Extender Standard Add on = buy 
Autonomy iManage WorkSite Application Connector Optional Standard 
EMC Documentum Application Connector Optional Standard 
Microsoft SharePoint Application Connector Optional Standard 
OpenText Content Server (LiveLink) Application Connector Optional Standard 
OpenText DM, eDOCS Edition Application Connector Optional Standard 
eCopy Quick Connect universal connector for custom connections Standard Standard 
Scan to Desktop Standard Standard 
Scan to eCopy PDF Pro Office Inbox (Advanced PDF software) Standard N/A Not Available  
Scan to eCopy PaperWorks Inbox (basic PDF software) Standard Standard 
Scan to File – Network Folder Standard Standard 
Scan to Print Standard Standard 
Scan to Exchange & Notes Mail Standard Standard 
Hosted Environment Support (WebDAV, OWA, SSL) Standard Standard 
Exchange Forests Support Standard Standard 
Scan to SMTP via LDAP Mail Standard Standard 
Automated distribution via Data Publishing Standard N/A Not Available  
OpenText Fax Server, RightFax Edition Application Connector Optional Standard 
Fax via Exchange, Notes, & SMTP Standard Standard 
Convert to Microsoft Word Standard Standard 
Convert to Microsoft Excel Standard Standard 
Industry Standard PDF Standard Standard 
Searchable PDF Standard Standard 
PDF/A Standard Standard 
Ultra-compressed color files Standard Standard 
TIFF Standard Standard 
JPEG Standard Standard 
Active Directory & Novell eDirectory Authentication Standard Standard 
User Group Profiles synchronized with Active Directory Groups Standard Standard 
Single Sign-On / Session Logon Standard N/A Not Available  
Application Logon Standard Standard 
Document Encryption Standard Standard 
Common Access Card (CAC) Ready Standard Standard 
SDK Standard Standard 
Universal forms designer – write once, deploy on any v5-enabled MFP Standard N/A Not Available  
Glossary Tool for customized interfaces Standard N/A Not Available  
Showing 59 items