If you have found your way to this site, you are interested in exploring the territory where self, people, nature, and modernity meet. 
An area rife with conflict, rich in beauty, and often wracked with pain, it is a place that needs our attention both personally and as a culture.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the survival of our civilization depends upon the overall health of this roiling confluence. 
What is less obvious is that our personal vitality is also deeply rooted in the rambunctious confluence where these deeply relational aspects of our lives meet (or collide...). 

Tending and strengthening these roots is the purpose of my work as an ecpsychologist. For two reasons.

First: The human psyche has become a force of nature. Ecological insanity is a fatal illness, not just to ourselves, but our world.
 Our psychological health, clear thinking, and various pursuits of happiness matter. Again, not just to ourselves, but our world.

Second: Personal happiness, intelligence, and physical well-being do not exist in isolation. 
What befalls the land, oceans, and critters is our fate as well. The health of our world is, ultimately, a matter of personal concern.  

In the 25 years I have been working in the field of ecopsychology, the most useful avenues of healing I have found have emerged from three arenas: 

One: Wilderness work and rites of passage. My MA is in Wilderness Psychology.

Two: Nonviolent Communication or NVC. I have been teaching NVC in San Quentin Prison for seven years.

Three: Imaginal Psychology, whose foundational praxis is called Transformative Learning. This is the area of my doctoral studies.

Weaving these together is an ongoing creative venture involving Transformative Learning Gatherings and One-on-One work with me.

If you would like to join any part, you are welcome.