From June 11-16, 2006, the Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance will sponsor a Housing Workshop on the UCSB campus. The workshop is structured to advance the study of the cyclical and secular behavior of the housing sector. The program will include topics such as residential investment over the business cycle and housing price dynamics. A variety of frameworks, such as search/bargaining, representative agent, and life cycle, will be used to help understand the role of housing in the aggregate economy; for example, the interesting empirical regularity that residential construction cyclically has tended to lead the business cycle by two to three quarters in the postwar United States.

Visiting participants will include economists affiliated with both U.S. and Canadian universities, as well as with the Federal Reserve Bank. UCSB Economics Department faculty and interested graduate students will also participate.

The workshop will begin with a kick-off dinner on June 11, 2006 in the Garden Room of The Upham.