In May 2009, the Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance (LAEF) will sponsor a conference entitled “Financial Frictions and Segmented Asset Markets.”  Different approaches have been used to incorporate financial market imperfections into tractable general equilibrium models, emphasizing different frictions in asset markets: lack of commitment in financial contracts, limited participation and market segmentation, and informational asymmetries.  The idea of this conference is to bring together researchers who have experimented with various approaches, to exchange ideas, explore different applications and discuss how to bring these models to the data.

The conference will take place on the UCSB campus on May 1-2, 2009, in the Santa Barbara Mission Room at the University Center.  The conference organizer is Guido Lorenzoni of MIT.  Along with the invited participants, UCSB Economics Department faculty and interested graduate students will also participate.  The conference will include twelve presentations over two days.  The complete schedule of events and invited participants can be found, respectively, on the “Agenda” and “Participants” links of this website.