Welcome to the 2nd Annual Workshop of the Australasian Macroeconomics Society (WAMS). The 2015 edition of the WAMS will be held in Brisbane, Australia, and it is jointly organized with the Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance. The second Workshop Australasian Macroeconomics Society (WAMS), hosted by the UNSW Australia, Business School and School of Economics, Sydney, Australia, welcomes submissions in all areas of macroeconomics.

The workshop has 3 principal purposes. First, it is an opportunity for Australasian macroeconomists to share and discuss their results and ideas with each other, to encourage excellence and collaboration in research in macroeconomics in Australasia. Second, by bringing top international researchers here, the workshop aims to help connect researchers here with top people from around the world in a two-way learning process. Third, by bringing together both theoretical and applied researchers, the workshop aims to foster synergies between and across all modern scientific approaches to macroeconomics.

Plenary speakers: Professor Randall Wright University of Wisconsin, Madison Professor George Evans, University of Oregon, and Professor Finn Kydland, UCSB and LAEF.