River Styles

River Styles is a geomorphic framework to describe geomorphic structure, behavior, and potential for change developed by Gary Brierley and Kirstie Fryirs (2005) for the purpose of watershed planning.  The framework has been implemented in many countries but has not made large in-roads yet in the USA.  Because the framework is flexible, transparent, and comprehensive, we are trying to promote this classification framework here. We had the pleasure to have Gary and Kristie visit us in Utah and provide us insights into our efforts to apply this framework in the watersheds we are currently implementing watershed scale monitoring and restoration.  With the collaboration of the Fluvival Habitat Center, we are developing approaches to automate this assessment to provide the critical geomorphic context to our restoration and monitoring designs.  

Gary J. Brierley and Kirstie A. Fryirs (2005) Geomorphology and River Management: Applications of the River Styles Framework. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK, 398pp.
ISBN 1-4051-1516-5