Eco Logical Research, Inc.

Eco Logical Research, Inc. specializes in applying ecological principles to develop survey designs and stream restoration for fish and their habitat. We are committed to providing scientifically defensible evaluations and conservation strategies of watersheds and their biota. With offices in Logan Utah, Bend Oregon, and Moscow Idaho, we have been working in the Pacific Northwest with anadromous salmonids for 14 years dealing with tributary and spawning habitat across the Columbia River Basin as well as in the mainstem Snake, Columbia, and Klamath Rivers.
  Our Services
  • Geomorphic Asssessments
  • Productivity
  • Temperature


  • Stream Restoration
    • Site assessment
    • Design
    • Effectiveness Monitoring
    • Adaptive Management


    • Bioenergetics
    • Individual based modeling
    • Mark-recapture
    • Empirical
    • Networks
  • Biometric and data analysis