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LGB Expected to Win Annual Intercampus Talent Show Once Again

posted Apr 12, 2015, 10:22 AM by Priya Roy

By Nicole Bazarova, Y12

*Disclaimer: LGB has no drug users or abusers. All mentions of such behavior are merely in the interest of humorous and interesting writing.

        With term starting again tomorrow, most students are either contemplating defecting to a country with no mandatory schooling, or pretending to fall sick with some sort of foreign illness until summer vacation starts. But in these dark times of strife, a possible light shines through the gloom… THE ANNUAL INTERCAMPUS TALENT SHOW, which takes place each year, is seeing its inaugural year in the Arts Centre. LGB, La Chat, and Nations’ 3 finest performers will be displaying their talent for everyone to enjoy (and secretly feel sorry for themselves about how talentless they are in comparison). The 3 performers from LGB will be the finalists from the December LGB talent show, where one student was voted through on audience votes, and the other two were chosen by esteemed LGB faculty. Gwyn Glasser, a hopeful who unfortunately was not able to qualify for the intercampus talent show as a cause of a steroid scandal* had this to say, “Obviously, this show will be won by LGB students, who are infinitely more superior and talented than La Chat and Nations students, who are all helpless, hopeless, hormone-addled teenagers…Don’t quote me on this!” Sadly the interview was cut short as Mr. Glasser had to be carried away, frothing at the mouth; a sad side effect of steroid abuse.* The Talent show will be judged by 3 teacher judges, with one judge coming from each campus. VOICE stuco does not in any way condone bias, so if the LGB teacher only votes for LGB acts, they will be harshly criticised and tormented with free chocolate and hugs in the hallways. We hope to see you all there!

March Madness Week 4!!!

posted Mar 23, 2015, 1:28 PM by Ruining DING   [ updated Mar 23, 2015, 4:03 PM by LGB Express ]

Teresa: The Number One Fan of The LGB Express

posted Mar 22, 2015, 8:49 AM by Priya Roy   [ updated Mar 22, 2015, 8:49 AM ]

By Polina Melnikova, Year 11

Teresa Owidh is an 11th grader who is caring, compassionate and smart. She is also the number one fan of LGB Express. Teresa has participated in and won various March Madness raffles, contests and challenges that have been created by the LGB Express in honour of its third anniversary. This week’s challenge was to post a picture on Instagram with the theme of "what you love about LGB" and Teresa’s photo got an outstanding 101 likes. One of the prizes was an interview article is being published about Owidh as well as a free Domino's pizza of the winner's choice. 

Teresa has made many friends in her three years of studying at LGB. Several of Teresa’s friends have been asked to share their opinion and state what they love most about her. 

Azadeh Maresca, a friend of Teresa’s, says “She is kind and always has the best intentions at heart. She is the person you will have the craziest and more memorable moments with.” 

Amaya Johner, another friend of Teresa’s, describes her as having “a huge heart that can make anyone feel at ease. She offers great advice and can be super serious at times but can also be a great person to party and have fun with.” 

Maxim Batyukov, a classmate of Teresa’s, feels that “she is a really good friend, always trustworthy and loyal. She is also exceptionally nice and is fun to hang out with.”

Her loving boyfriend, Jonas Hostens Knutsen, states that “Teresa has an amazing personality; she's a participator, always enthusiastic to new ideas. She always wants the best for other people, and she is a great therapist if you are having a difficult time." 

Teresa herself was asked to share her opinion and answer a few questions for this article. 
Here is the interview that was conducted with her. 
  • Firstly could you please tell us a little about yourself?
“Well, my name is Teresa. I've been at LGB for the past 3 years. Before Switzerland, I lived in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Myanmar so I guess you can say I've 'been around the world'. I've enjoyed my years in Geneva because I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and because I think it's a wonderful place for young people to mature, learn and have fun.I enjoy a multitude of extracurricular activities such as theatre, volleyball and Russian class." 
  • What is your opinion on the LGB Express?
“I think the LGB express is a great way for students to showcase their writing skills and to share their knowledge and opinion about current events." 
  • How do you feel about winning free pizza?
“It feels great! I love how the LGB express finds fun and creative ways to promote the newspaper such as holding raffles and giving prizes."
  • Do you have any suggestions for the LGB Express that would make it a more interesting or entreating newspaper for students to read?
“I think it would be a good idea to add an opinion poll section where students can vote/give their opinion on a current issue in the school or in the world."
  • What was your favourite article published in the school newspaper since the beginning of the year? 
“I do not have a particular favourite but I find it really interesting how some articles solicit opinions from LGB students such as the article by Victoire Hayek about a boy banned from wearing a my little pony backpack to school.”
  • What is your favourite thing about being a student at LGB?
“Having the opportunity to socialise and interact with people from such diverse backgrounds.”
  • What are your plans for the future? Do you know where you want to apply to University and what career path you'd like to follow afterwards?
“I'm planning on attending university in either the United States or the UK; I would like to pursue a degree in something related to Business & Economics or International Relations.”
  • Finally, who is your role model?
“I do not have one particular role model but would say I look up to all the strong, independent women and young girls who have achieved great success in their lifetimes such as Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai and Indra Nooyi." 

Teresa Owidh deserves the best of things and we hope that she attains all her goals and excels in whatever she choses to do in life. She is a great listener and a strongly opinionated young woman. We're sure she will achieve great things in her lifetime, but for now, thank you for being our biggest fan and good luck on next week's contest. 

Talent Takeover

posted Mar 15, 2015, 1:35 PM by Priya Roy   [ updated Mar 16, 2015, 3:17 AM ]

By Sr. Gygals Wen

Two incredible shows of incredible talent have come to LGB in the past week, as you must certainly be aware: The Aladdin Rock Pantomime and the student initiated Talent Night for Cystic Fibrosis.

         A Pantomime (known as a Panto by the English and those of us who have to write about it and don’t want to have to type all three of those syllables) is a somewhat new experience for LGB. Musicals in the past have been both heavy and light-hearted, but nothing like the family fun and fake breasts that make up the Panto. In addition, this production of Aladdin was the Art Center’s maiden performance, thus christening our beloved facility with a spirit of happiness, laughter, openness, interactivity, and, as mentioned earlier, family fun and fake breasts.

The show was a booming success. While early on in the production there were doubts among the cast and audience alike at the new and previously unheard of Panto style, each performance was received with exponentially increasing enthusiasm. After the first night the news spread of the excellence of the performance, and all subsequent nights were fully booked. The show has received nothing but praise. "I wish I could hold one of the Emperor's balls!" said one perhaps overly enthusiastic fan. When asked about the success of the piece, Nicole ‘Bazlandrover’

 (playing the part of the Genie) said “A lot of fun and a great audience! My only complaint: I just feel I could have put on a better show if they’d given me some makeup.” Editors tried to get a quote from Gwyn Glasser (playing the part of the beautiful seductress, Widow Twankey), however all the barges that usually sail over his sea of fans to reach him were fully booked. Several field journalists however did turn up a series of suggestive letters from Glasser’s school locker, signed Marshall S, James E, Michael F, and Paul A.; the contents of these letters shall remain confidential for reasons of health and safety.

The Talent Night (while more modest a project than the extravagant Panto) was equally successful. Several of LGB’s classic acts were present, including Kanza El-Diwany’s regular audible excellence, the school-renowned Elevator-Escalator-Travelator Blues (a personal favorite), and Abha Calindhi’s usual sass. Our very own editor’n’chief, Priya Roy, made an appearance with a wonderful display of her soft yet powerful elegance and vocal skill. If you missed this night of pure and utterly impressive talent, check out our YouTube Channel to watch all the acts and tear up with pride for our talented and benevolent school. 

Despite the absence of Gwyn Glasser’s epic stage presence (temporarily drained from the constant cross-dressing and flawless acting of Aladdin) the night was an entertaining fundraiser for an excellent cause. Truly an exciting week for us here at LGB!

Bal des (not so much) Neiges is over...

posted Mar 1, 2015, 2:10 PM by Priya Roy   [ updated Mar 2, 2015, 1:21 PM by LGB Express ]

By Nicole Bazarova

Last weekend the hotel Willson was awash with students from all three of Ecolint's campuses, and whilst the number of students attending from LGB have been slowly decreasing until reaching subatomic level in the predicted years to come, there were more than enough students to make both nights a lively evening.
DJ Furtado even made an appearance to the surprise of his adoring fans, with many of them not being able to contain their excitement at seeing the great Furtado in the flesh (although his strict security detail did mean that he was kept at least 5 meters away from all the plebs at all times) The Great Furtado was even quoted as saying, "get that microphone away from my face" whilst kicking our very own Gwyn Glasser down the stairs as he attempted to get an exclusive. You've got to admire that young man's muscle power.
As per tradition, a photo booth was set up at the entrance, allowing all the students to pretend they were on the red carpet surrounded by paparazzi for a precious few seconds until being shoved out of the way with a cry of "next!" The photos from these booths were uploaded at an unprecedented speed, with most of them being made available on the new page made exclusively for intercampus events by Thursday. Several students were dismayed to see that their photo had not been uploaded, but most of the time, there was a good reason. A representative for the photo committee was quoted as saying, "there was one particular photo of a student mooning the camera, which, whilst we do agree does embody LGB spirit perfectly, cannot be uploaded for sanitary reasons."
As per usual, the Bal Des Neiges was not without its fair share of drama. One student from the younger grades was caught attempting to smuggle in a bottle of wine. Her cries of "I need to give that bottle to my friend's parents later tonight, as I'm staying at her house!" Fell on deaf ears as that student was readily expelled from LGB, and then manacled to a neighboring street lamp. This was thought to set a great example to all the rest of the students, and completely discouraged any senior students from attempting to smuggle in any drinks. This strategy was reported to have worked at an incredible success rate of 18%.

In addition to all the things students had come to expect from the legendary Bal Des Neiges, this year Polaroid photos were offered to those students who wanted to keep a Bal Des Neiges souvenir for the years to come, and did not have the muscle to rip off a piece of curtain from the entrance.
Matters were also further complicated by the arrival of some super famous person, who required all students to enter using only the side entrance like commoners. Whilst some students displayed their disproval with angry Snapchats and face-paint, the majority were keen to go along with the new arrangement after seeing the angry guns pointed in their direction when attempting to enter through the main door.
All in all, this Bal Des Neiges was considered a great success, despite causing all three of the student councils involved to slip into massive financial debt. When asked about the trouble ahead, a stoic Gwyn Glassed replied, "We will do what's necessary for our school, and for our people. If this involves selling off all the desks in the school, it's a sacrifice that will be made." When further questioned about the origin of Mr. Glasser's brand new flat screen TV, Mr. Glasser refused to comment.

Year 11 Students’ Worst Nightmare - Upcoming IB Choices Deadline

posted Feb 22, 2015, 8:47 AM by Priya Roy   [ updated Feb 22, 2015, 8:51 AM ]

By Polina Melnikova, Year 11

Many Year 11 students, including myself, find themselves stressing out over IB choices. It may not seem like a big deal, but for us these choices define the next two years of our lives and ultimately the universities we attend as well as the courses we study. 

We’ve often been told during numerous assemblies that the choices we make right now are the ones that matter. They are the ones that are going to affect our futures and influence our careers. But how are 16 year olds with no clear career path or vision of what they wish to do in their adult lives expected to pick subjects that will define their profession? 

Perhaps the importance of these choices is over-exaggerated. After all, it’s always possible to switch between higher and standard level or drop/change a subject that you've realised you dislike or aren't particularly good at. Although teachers emphasise the significance of these options, they advice students to remain calm and to make their decisions rationally. However, guidance counsellors and mentors alike also insist that the IB is a learning opportunity and the subjects you pick don’t have to relate to what you wish to study in College. Nevertheless, realistically speaking, the classes you select reflect directly your abilities and interests so choosing easy or random courses irrelevant to your dream job may not be the best decision. 

It is often helpful to consult friends from older grades as they have already gone through the stressful process of picking their IB subjects. They can advice you based on your preferences and abilities. Sometimes it is easier discussing such topics with older classmates than a guidance counsellor or mentor who might not know you as well. 

Although these choices are frightening, and it’s difficult not to freak out knowing that the choices you make right now are going to shape your life forever, I believe that our school prepares us well for the IB and as long as you choose subjects that you enjoy and that you're good at, as well as ones that reflect accurately your abilities and relate to what you wish to do later on in life, everything will be alright.  

Does LGB Adequately Prepare Us For Our Futures?

posted Feb 15, 2015, 5:35 AM by Priya Roy   [ updated Feb 22, 2015, 8:50 AM ]

By Emilie Hines, Year 11
         Is our school a good preparation for us students after we leave school? Will we be ready after our graduation to step out into the big wide world and move into our new lives elsewhere? These are very popular questions at the moment - especially with the upcoming IB subject decisions and research practice extended essay for Y11s and the inexorable approach of the IB years - and I thought I’d get some answers.

According to Spanish teacher Mrs Wilson: “Ecolint provides an exceptionally enriching experience for our students. In today's world, what can be better than a well-rounded international education?

Mr Howsam, head of the P.E Department agreed with Mrs Wilson’s point of view: “I believe students at this school are well prepared for going into the world after graduation. Our school helps students grow as individuals and this allows them to become more creative. The idea of thinking ‘out of the box’, that is to say thinking individually, is a very attractive idea right now with many universities and employers. One of our school’s principle aims is to encourage its students to do that”.

Mr Ribal also contributed his opinion: “We as teachers have a responsibility to prepare our students to be good citizens of the world after they leave this school. We give our students the resources and preparation to allow them to choose their careers and to be successful doing them”. When the subject of careers came up, more opinions were ventured.

         Mrs Wilson believes that: “A student who makes the most of his time in Ecolint walks away a citizen of the world with the key to innumerable possibilities of interesting professions and personal fulfillment”.

Mr Howsam once again supported Mrs Wilson on the subject: “In comparison to the other schools that I have worked in, the students in Years 10 & 11 get a lot more information about their future possibilities in terms of the IB and university options. Our school is very efficient in this sense, which is much more than can be said for mine. There are more demands today on students from universities and employers; our school helps students meet these demands very efficiently. There is a growing expectation for students to find information out for themselves, and our school is great for that. Students return from their universities with positive results and they claim that this school has significantly helped to achieve them. I believe that our school serves as a good preparation for its students; for their careers and for their lives”.

However, Mr Ribal displayed a different point of view: “I believe that we as teachers are not here to prepare our students for their careers; we are here to prepare our students for being good citizens of the world. The students prepare for their careers at university; we prepare them for their lives as individuals. Our school is perfect in the way that it allows this to happen”.

         For my fellow Y11s – don’t stress about the upcoming IB choices, talk to your teachers and older classmates about decisions and futures and all of those daunting things. Judging by these teacher’s opinions our school does adequately prepare us for our futures and we should definitely take advantage of this experience while we have it. 

BDN: Very Friendly Supermodels

posted Feb 1, 2015, 12:07 PM by Priya Roy

By Sr. Gygals Wen

Many of you have probably already been acquainted with more than one snow ball, but I can assure
you the Bal Des Nieges experience is going to be something else entirely then again, I don’t know you; maybe your expecting to have some fun in the snow and take a few balls to the face! And that’s part of the beauty of it! With so many other students from other schools, who knows what wacky 
things you kids might get up to! 

From Monday 2nd February you will be able to buy your tickets to this fantastic intercampus event! The assigned dates are Friday 20th from 7:30-11:00 for the Junior BDN (grades 9 -11), and Saturday 21st from 8:00-11:30 for the seniors (grades 11-13) non-alcoholic drinks will be served at both events for modest prices, but remember, anybody caught with alcoholic drinks will be sent away in shame…so don’t get caught! (DISCLAIMER: this is a joke. Please do not bring any alcohol.) The festivities will take place at the Hotel President Wilson. Just go to Quai Wilson 47 and if you see expensive cars and that one judgmental security guard, you’re in the right place.

Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion! The theme is formal/cocktail, and while probably won’t get actually kicked out, anything less will make that judgmental security guard I mentioned earlier literally attack you. I speak from experience.  

Tickets are being sold at the affordable price of 40chf (a nice bit less than last year…thanks again, Voice Stuco!), and for those of you who held back when instead of buying tickets for the Bal de Connaissance, the tim is NOW! This is the party of the year, the one you cant miss! Do it! And for those of you who did go the Bal de Connaissance, that is the entrée. This is the main course, dessert, cheese plate, and breakfast for the next morning followed by a winning lottery ticket given to you by a very friendly super model (metaphorically) . So don’t be a hungry nobody loser. Buy your ticket today! 

See you there!

Roses are Red

posted Jan 25, 2015, 11:28 AM by Priya Roy   [ updated Jan 25, 2015, 11:58 AM ]

By Sr. Gygals Wen

Roses are red, 
Violets are violet, 
The 14th is approaching, 
And it's time to get private. 

            Yes, ladies and gentlemen, one of the most anticipated dates of the year is approaching! February is almost upon us, and young lovers all over the world are ordering flowers and composing terrible poems involving roses and violets in an attempt to be witty in preparation for Valentine's Day. It's that special time of year when LGB's Stuco orders several hundred luscious roses of the deepest and most sensual read, which they then sell at the completely reasonable price of 5 CHF (which includes the cost of delivery to and personalized message for the buyer's special someone). Voice Stuco has suggested that this year's prices will be significantly lower than last and assure the LGB student body that the quality of service will not be reduced with the price. 
            Roses and messages will be sold throughout the week before the holidays, Monday 2nd to Friday 6th. Unfortunately, holidays mean that sales will not take place on the actual day of the 14th, but Voice Stuco sends out its love and support for any romantic activities you may pursue during the holidays. We would now like to take this time to give an unrelated routine reminder to stay safe in every way you can. 
            Remember love is a part of life, so don't feel embarrassed to buy that special someone a rose or two or three. But if you are a shyer type, feel free to give your rose anonymously. In an interview, we asked Voice Stuco correspondent Nicole Bazarova if she had someone special - somebody she might be buying a rose for. "No comment," she said, tucking into a delicious meal of fish sticks. She obviously doesn't want her personal life published here for our thousands of readers to see, but you can be sure that she'll be giving some love to the world. Just make sure that you do it too so the universe can give some back. I know I will. 

VIDEO: One down, two more to go...

posted Jan 11, 2015, 7:40 AM by Nicole BAZAROVA   [ updated Jan 11, 2015, 9:21 AM by Priya Roy ]

By Nicole Bazarova, Year 12

        As the hours until school restarting are slowly dwindling down, so are the spirits of most LGB students. There are indignant cries of, "three weeks are not enough!", "holiday homework should be banned!" and "why does my scalp keep itching?" from our very own Gywn Glasser. As the second term (or as I like to view it, the second to last) approaches, there's a hesitant attitude towards returning back to our gated prison.

        In order to celebrate the end of one term and attempt to encourage as many students as possible to crawl back to school tomorrow; we've made a small video encompassing some of the events we've had in the first term.

2014 Recap

        More exciting than the events of the past, however, are the events of the future, and in particular those planned for the upcoming term. In order to attempt to satisfy more sport fanatics, this term should see a volleyball tournament as well as basketball tournament for all grades. Further continuing on the proud tradition of the Bal de Neige, plans have already been made with the student councils of La Chat and Nations to make this years' intercampus dances the best ones yet. Keep your eyes open for posters and announcements on the VOICE Facebook page for more relevant information later in the term. 

        Also, don't forget that VOICE also has an ASK.FM page where you can post any questions or comments you have anonymously, so feel free to be as honest as you'd like (though be careful with our feelings, they're fragile.) 

        In the meantime, try not to let the pressure get to you before class even starts tomorrow at 8:15, lest a teacher find you bawling your eyes out in the biology bathrooms (which, let's face it, are the nicest ones.)

VOICE wishes you an exciting new term!

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