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What's new, interesting, worthwhile or just what we think you'd want to know - that's what you'll find on these pages. News about the school, reviews of past events so you can catch up on those events you were unable to attend and it's the place to find out about upcoming events.

A look back on 2 Year's of Thursday's Music in the Caf

posted Mar 30, 2014, 12:27 PM by Eleanor Kate LARSEN   [ updated Mar 31, 2014, 11:04 AM by Ana PAVLOVA ]

by Eleanor Larsen, Year 12

For the past 2 years, LGB students have been lucky enough to enjoy music in their cafeteria every Thursday break. Nova Stuco posts the weekly theme on their Facebook page on Wednesday night and LGB students comment with videos of their favorite songs that adhere to the theme. The 6 songs with the most likes are chosen to be played the following day. Themes in recent weeks have included musicals (in honor of Les Mis), instrumentals, country, and electronic.

Initiated by Madvan Stuco, elected 2 years ago, musical Thursdays seems to be one new tradition at LGB that has stuck, and likely will for many years to come. When asked about the origins of this idea, Amaly Bibi, from former Madvan Stuco, says "If I remember correctly, we were talking about how cool it would be if we could dance and listen to music in the Caf, and the idea just came up. The administration agreed pretty quickly so long as it was once a week but we encountered many technical difficulties the first month or so. " The LGB student body is thankful that Madvan hurdled through initial difficulties, because Thursday's music is a weekly highlight for many.

This year's student council, Nova, has chosen to continue Madvan's Caf music idea, making it a tradition in its second year. "We thought it was a great idea and wanted to continue the tradition," says Theo Gordon-Moritz. "We wanted to make music in the caf a tradition because it is a very nice and fun idea that can give a little extra spirit to the school and let students enjoy their break just a little more," says Jessie Nelson. "It brings a good atmosphere into the cafeteria which is nice for the students," adds Arielle Kahana.

We all show up in the Caf on Thursday at 10.40 to hear the weekly tunes, but what is going on behind the scenes? How does this music management work? According to Arielle, the logistics of the Caf music are not too complicated; "At the beginning of the year we had to go ask the school tech man if he could turn on the sound system in the Caf every Thursday morning, and he kindly does that for us." Jessie Nelson says, "I would say that because there are six of us, it is easy to organize and take turns posting on Facebook the different themes. However, there is always that moment of panic when I see if the sound system has been turned on." "It is a big responsibility considering everyone looks forward to hearing music every Thursday," adds Theo Gordon-Moritz. 

There is no doubt that music can make even the rainiest Thursday brighten up. "I think it livens up the Caf, especially when the theme is well picked. For example, seasonal and festive songs bright up the moods of students on a Thursday morning," according to Laura Barakat, year 12. Everyone has a favorite theme week. Jessie: "Country." Theo "90's rap." Arielle: "Classic rock." Certain musicians, bands, and songs are fluid enough to be able to be included in many different themes. Students in the Caf have been blessed to listen to ABBA songs pop up many times in the past, as well as other classics.

Music in the Caf creates a lively atmosphere in the Caf. Students new to LGB cannot imagine a time where this did not occur. In the beginning, dancing on the tables was quite prominent. Barely a foot rested on the floor and not a table during Hilary Duff's Rendition of "Hey Now (This is What Dreams are Made Of)" nearly two years ago. For the past 2 years, music in the Caf has been a sunny moment on the horizon at the end of the week for LGB, and we hope that Nova will pass on this responsibility to next year's Stuco, so the tradition can live on.

Les Misérables: A Review

posted Mar 23, 2014, 3:18 PM by Eleanor Kate LARSEN   [ updated Mar 24, 2014, 1:43 PM ]

by Eleanor Larsen, Year 12

Expectations were certainly running high for the LGB Secondary School Production of Les Misérables. From the moment one entered the theater, the acting had already begun, even though the show had not. What am I talking about? Upon entering Carter Hall, a slew of prisoners "greeted" me with their hands held out and their moans quite realistic. To keep them in order, guards stood by in very dashing red jackets. I recognized my friend as one of the guards and said "Hello" to her. Her stern response was "Keep moving!" So in character - love it, admire it, treasure it! 

While sitting in the audience before the show began, there were so many other little details that popped out at me and really left me with a lasting impression. To my left was an orchestra. Real music played by living, breathing people added so much more emotion than any CD, iPod track, or cassette tape ever could. They were a very efficient and fluent team. They were never lost. It was so admirable. 

The set was beautiful, minimal, and very chic. I had heard through the grapevine that the visual arts department had had a hand in painting the backdrop. With a projector, every minute detail was traced onto the paper, then later painted with brown paint. There were also boards that could be spun to give a different background. When they twirled around, it was very exciting and added to the hullabaloo that was that particular scene.

The play was such a delight. It really brought the audience through a whirlwind of emotions. The actors were so well-tuned to the feelings of the characters that they were portraying:

Fantine, in "I Dreamed a Dream," made everyone heartbroken as her song changed of one about her childhood innocence and view of love and the world, to one of bitter reality. Her voice was loud and clear and no one could mistake her message. Her performance was flawless. The light around her made her already look like an angel, even though that was not yet her fate. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thénardier could magically make us forget about that sorrow that plagued us earlier on. They were a dynamic comedic duo, and laughter ensued any scene they were in. Mr. Thénardier was so giddy in "Master of the House" and Mrs. Thénardier could be so cheeky at times. They were very well matched and perfect partners in crime. 

Jean Valjean was excellent. He was so noble and his presence filled the room with dignity. His portrayal of fatherly love and his sense of responsibility was remarkable. His voice was pure, strong, and velvety, and no one ever wanted him to stop singing. 

Cosette and Marius... The moment when they first met was so romantic. The whole audience had a collective feeling of butterflies in the stomach-that's how real it felt. They were so sweet together and I think any girl would love to be looked at the in the way Marius looked at Cosette. There was excellent onstage chemistry between the two. Their duets were lovely.

Eponine was very bold. The actress had such a strong voice and she really succeeded in making the audience feel her heartbreak from this unfortunate love triangle that ultimately lead to her death. Her portrayal of the character candidly showed how pure her love was and her struggles in helping the man she loved be with someone else, which one can imagine to be a very difficult task.

Javert was a very interesting character whose uprightness, stiffness, and undying love for the law was executed perfectly. His passion to convict Valjean was very striking, and his struggle between the law and his own beliefs in the end seemed very realistic. 

All actors and actresses in the Les Misérables production contributed to this phenomenal performance. Each and every member of the team held their own. The sheer power of about 35 voices singing at once, on key, often harmonizing, was spectacular. Their voices, as a group, made us feel pride, despair, joy and gaiety, and love. So much skill was shown. In one play, a single actress could be a prostitute, a guard, a soldier, and a nun. All this happened without so much as a slip in mannerism. 

Of course, the organization and creativity of the people behind the play shone just as brightly as the skills of the people onstage singing. Countless hours were spent by the adult and student directors directing, staging, planning, and negotiating in order to make this musical the huge success it was. 

In conclusion, LGB's production of Les Misérables was astounding.The collective work of actors, directors, musicians, and the many volunteers made this musical over the top, and thus doing Victor Hugo great justice. There was so much emotion shown, and every scene of the play left a huge impact. In the end, as audience members were leaving, they left with the feeling that this was so much more than a school musical.

March Madness: LGB Express' Free Cupcake Giveaway

posted Mar 16, 2014, 1:48 PM by Eleanor Kate LARSEN   [ updated Mar 16, 2014, 2:15 PM ]

By Eleanor Larsen, Year 12

On Monday March 10, LGB Express Editors Laurin, Ana, Esin, Clara, Emma, Eleanor, and Bianca kicked off the start of March Madness, the second year anniversary of LGB's only e-newspaper, by handing out free baked goods. The treats included muffins, cupcakes, and slices of cake decorated with LGB Express flags.

As students were not used to seeing free desserts being given out in the Caf, they were very excited about what was going on. We received many questions about our online newspaper and encouraged people to check out the paper, whose link was on the back of the toothpick flags. Talking to students in the caf was a great opportunity to get people excited about the upcoming March Madness festivities, and the newspaper itself. We hope to have inspired people to join our writer or editor team. Thank you to all editors who baked and to everyone who expressed interest in becoming a part of this special newspaper!

Missed the free cupcakes? No fear: March Madness is still in full swing! This week we are having a FREE tombola. Get your tickets at the top of the caf. There will be a winner picked for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The prizes include two birthday cakes made by LGB Express editors Emma and Eleanor, a feature in The LGB Express, and one ticket to the Fashion Show, donated by Nova Stuco. To continue the festivities, we will be hosting a scavenger hunt and a themed article contest in the weeks to come!

Get excited because it's the LGB Express' 2nd Birthday!

2014 Bal des Neiges: Interview with Stuco's Andrea Aguirre

posted Mar 9, 2014, 11:42 AM by Eleanor Kate LARSEN   [ updated Mar 9, 2014, 12:44 PM ]

 Interview by Eleanor Larsen, Year 12

On both Friday and Saturday night, hoards of students from Ecolint's three campuses came together to enjoy the yearly Bal Des Neiges organized by Nations Stuco, La Chat Stuco, and our own, Nova Stuco. Through the eyes of the guests, it was a night filled with dancing, socializing, and glamorous outfits at one of Geneva's most swanky hotels, the President Wilson. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the makings of the Bal Des Neiges from Nova's Andrea Aguirre:

EL: How far in advance were you planning the BDN with the other Stucos?
AA: We first started planning the Bal Des Neiges four to five months ago simply to ensure the venue availability. However, the more in-depth planning happened about a month ago.

EL: Why did you choose to host the BDN at the President Wilson?
AA: We picked the President Wilson because it was the cheapest venue that could hold 400 people.

EL: Overall, were you pleased with the outcome?
AA: We were very pleased with the BDN and have been getting very positive feedback from the guests. 

EL: What will the money earned be going towards?
AA: All profits made during the year will go to charity.

A huge thank you to all three Ecolint Stucos for their time and effort in planning the Bal Des Neiges, an night that many call the most eventful of the whole school year!

Junior Bal Des Neiges
(Photo courtety of Nations Stuco)

LGB Express Turns 2: March Madness and How to Take Part

posted Mar 2, 2014, 11:32 AM by Ana PAVLOVA   [ updated Mar 9, 2014, 12:10 PM by Eleanor Kate LARSEN ]

By Ana Pavlova, Year 12

So… it’s here. It’s finally here. The LGB Express will be commemorating its 2nd Year Anniversary! March Madness, as it is otherwise known, will be celebrated throughout the whole of March! Naturally, this is a time of celebration, and The LGB Express would like to invite the whole High School to celebrate too!
  • On Monday March 10th (next Monday) at break, The LGB Express will be distributing FREE cupcakes around the cafeteria, and the team will also be available to answer ANY questions you may have about The LGB Express, or March Madness!
  • FREE RAFFLE: Monday March 17th – Thursday March 20th
  • The way this will work is simple: simply show up to the caf at break or lunch, and write your name, and grade on a raffle ticket. You don’t have to pay anything to enter, it is completely FREE! The following break, we will be announcing the winner in the cafeteria, so be sure to be there to receive your prize! There will be 4 different raffles: 1 on Monday (winner announced Tuesday), 1 on Tuesday (winner announced Wednesday), 1 on Wednesday (winner announced Thursday), and 1 on Thursday (winner announced Friday). We have some awesome prizes and sponsors lined up, including 2 FREE Birthday cakes kindly donated by LGB Express staff, and a FREE ticket to the LGB Fashion Show, kindly sponsored by our very own Nova Stuco! Be sure to take part, and tell all your friends!
  • TREASURE HUNT: Monday March 24th – Friday March 28th
  • There are 2 ways to take part:
    • Physical Treasure Hunt: Start at the cafeteria and find the first poster with a letter. Follow the hints to find the remaining 5 posters and then put all the letters together to make up a 6 letter word.
    • Online Treasure Hunt: Go to http://lgbexpress.ecolint.ch and find 6 letters at the top of 6 articles. Start at School Events! Put the letters together to make a 6 letter word
    • The word for the physical and the electronic treasure hunt will be the same, so you can start at school and finish it online if you want!
    • Submit your answer to thelgbexpress@gmail.com! We have an awesome prize lined up, so be sure to take part!
  • THEMED ARTICLES: Monday March 31st – Friday April 4th
  • The LGB Express articles will be centered around a theme. Guess what the theme is by reading ALL the articles, and send us your answers at thelgbexpress@gmail.com! Great prizes await.

All of these activities are completely, and 100% free. All you have to do is take part! What are you waiting for? Get celebrating! And be sure to tell ALL your friends about it! “Like” our Facebook Page to receive updates on when all the events are, and to stay up to date, check out the Birthday Video on The LGB Express, and share our Facebook posts to inform others of the great events!

Stuco tries on Cupid's Wings for this Year's Rose Sale: Interview with Jessie Nelson

posted Feb 23, 2014, 5:50 AM by Eleanor Kate LARSEN   [ updated Feb 23, 2014, 9:35 AM ]

Interview by Eleanor Larsen, Year 12

EL: Why did Stuco choose to spearhead a rose sale for Valentine’s Day?

JN: Selling roses and cards is a wonderful tradition at LGB that we wanted to continue.

EL: Who in Stuco participated in the rose sale and delivery?

JN: The entire Stuco helped to sell roses and cards. However, Lucia, Andrea, Arielle and I did not have class when we were distributing them, so we let the boys stay in class.


EL: Were there any difficulties in executing this rose sale and delivery? Any challenges?

JN: Some students who were receiving roses were sick, so they are yet to receive their cards. They will on Monday.


EL: What was the best moment in the sale and delivery of the roses?

JN: I would say: walking into the classes and seeing the people who received the roses with huge smiles on their faces, while everyone in the class was looking at them (including the teacher). 


EL: Were there any awkward moments?

JN: When we walked into a classroom and they were taking a test, so the teacher yelled at us as we slowly closed the door and ran away.


EL: Any funny moments?

JN: There were many funny moments while selling the roses: finding out who was sending roses to whom and copying ridiculous messages to friends and wonderful messages to sweethearts.


EL: Were the majority of roses sent to sweethearts or friends?

JN: There were definitely more sent to friends than sweethearts.


EL: Will the money be going towards the Bal de Neige or a charity?

JN: The money raised will be going towards the Bal de Neige; however, any profits at the end of the year will go to a charity.


EL: Please describe the rose sale in one word.

JN: Loving.  

Odyssey of the Mind Blows Minds

posted Feb 9, 2014, 12:26 PM by Eleanor Kate LARSEN   [ updated Feb 9, 2014, 12:48 PM by Ana PAVLOVA ]

by Laurin Rupp, Year 10

Odyssey of the Mind: A growing event

Every Friday afternoon, directly after school finishes, our secondary, middle, and primary school teams attend a preparation session for a globally-recognized event called Odyssey of the Mind. Here, children and teens are taught how to think “outside the box” and different ways to find creative solutions to various technical and verbal problems. 

Last Saturday, at LGB, dozens of brains worked together, some steaming at times, for the Swiss championship in “Spontaneous,” an event where teams are given problems to be solved quickly and creatively. After that competition, the best teams qualified for EuroFest and World Finals, to be held in Slovakia and Iowa this year. For the first time ever, teams from Bern, Nations and La Châtaigneraie attended this event, giving our LGB teams quite some competition, and all performed excellently.

Odyssey is supported by many people in and outside the school, including the vice principal from the primary school, Marcia Banks, and the director of learning and education of the three campuses, Conrad Hughes, who both do an excellent job at promoting Odyssey and encouraging the children. We hope that many more will join not only for fun and competition, but also for a great experience. 

Join Odyssey and get out of the box.

VIDEOS: LGB's Most Talented Did Not Disappoint

posted Feb 2, 2014, 8:45 AM by Eleanor Kate LARSEN   [ updated Feb 23, 2014, 5:31 AM ]

by Eleanor Larsen, Year 12

To check out the videos of all the contestants' performances, go to The LGB Express' Youtube Channel
Videos taken by Denisa Turturea, Year 12

When asked to describe their act in one word, selected contestants candidly responded:

Unexpected -
Lian (Guitar & Singing Mash-up with Alex) 

Original? -Mac (Instrumental guitar) 

 Ambient. -Elina (Singing: "Say Something" with Fotis) 

My world. -Misa (Piano: "Fantasie Impromptu" by Chopin) 

Electrifying... or Dance-tastic, whichever sounds better. -Louis (Dancing) 

Surprising? -Haroon (Singing: "Small Bump" by Ed Sheeran) 

Original. -Natalie (Reckless Perfection Acapella Group) 

Beatboxing. -Antoine (Beatboxing Rap Medley) 

Personal. -Kanza (Singing & Piano: "All I want" by Kodaline) 
The 2014 Talent Show, organized by Nova Stuco,  consisted of 15 acts, each one more unique, poignant, and entertaining than the last. Contestants performed their own original creations as well as made popular and classic songs and numbers their own. 

On its opening night, the audience members were allowed to vote and choose one act to send to the Intercampus Talent Show, which will occur later this spring. By popular demand, Mac Nelson, year 13, was chosen. His instrumental interpretation of Ben Howard's "Under the Same Sun" was one of a kind. 

On Saturday night, a panel of judges perused the show's array of talent and chose Asher Varadi, year 13, as its reigning winner. His performance of his original song was impressive and started the show off with a bang. Reckless Perfection (Abha Calindi, Natalie de Cesare, Flora Vickers, Priya Roy, and Nurin Abdul-Aziz), whose medley of songs gave a punch of girl-power with every note sung, came second. Third Place went to two groups: Elina and Fotis with their touching rendition of "Say Something" and Jose Salgado and Pierre Muletier with their performance of "Old Pine" accompanied by guitar and drums. 

Overall, the talent show was a raging success! Nova Stuco's hard work and dedication proved successful: Andrea changed props on stage in a flash, Arielle manned the lights, and Andy, Theo, Jessie, and Lucia diligently worked backstage and behind the scenes to ensure everything was orderly. A huge "thank you" to Nova Stuco, MC's Abha, Umar, and Gwyn, all volunteers, and all performers who contributed to making 2014's Talent Show the best yet. It certainly did not disappoint. 

Be sure to cheer on LGB's talented performers as they compete in the upcoming Intercampus Talent Show!

MF for CF: Check out Modern Family Fridays AND help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis!

posted Jan 26, 2014, 9:58 AM by Ana PAVLOVA   [ updated Jan 26, 2014, 11:20 AM ]

By Eleanor LARSEN, Year 12

 Modern Family Fridays is the newest and easiest way to support a good cause while relaxing and enjoying oneself. The event, which started January 17th, meets every Friday in Ms. Kretzmeier’s room (GB101) from 1:00-1:30pm and raises money for Cystic Fibrosis. Most students donate more than the suggested amount of 2chf. All proceeds go to Switzerland’s Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


As it is during the lunch hour, Ms. Kretzmeier encourages students to bring their lunches. She also offers a selection of pop, juice, tea, and snacks for purchase. “In the future we could order pizza and we will be having fresh baked goods for sale starting next week,” says the event’s founder.


When asked what her hopes were of the event, Ms. Kretzmeier responded “I hope to have a full house with lots of people enjoying the show together while supporting a great cause.”


Last week, twenty or so students of all ages and grades crowded into the classroom, ate sugary snacks, and laughed at Cam and Mitchell’s crazy antics (They went to a play group with daughter, Lily, who was not as skilled at block-building as the other infants.), all while helping to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis! Stephanie Moumtzis, Year 12, described the event as “… a big success! I couldn’t think of a better way to end the week.”


Check it out and end your week on a relaxing and charitable note!

VIDEO: Talent Show Auditions

posted Jan 12, 2014, 12:47 PM by Ana PAVLOVA   [ updated Jan 12, 2014, 2:21 PM by bianca serio ]

Filmed by Ana Pavlova, Flaminia Cooper and Maria Calbo, Edited by Flaminia Cooper

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