Directed Study is an option that allows busy PEL students to take a course in a more flexible format.

We offer directed study courses in eight and sixteen week terms. Some of the senior courses are offered in directed study format, depending on the major. Some senior courses are offered as directed study tutorials and will require some meeting time, generally on the weekend.

The Directed Studies Area Includes:
  • Directed Study Courses
  • Independent Study Courses
  • Creative Writing Theses
  • Visual Arts Thesis Show
  • Theses, Senior Projects and Comprehensive Examinations
  • Internships
Faculty design the course by selecting readings or films, creating assignments, and choosing the method of evaluation. The courses are equivalent to an in-class course and you should be prepared to spend as much time as you would in class.

Many PEL students have been successful in directed study. However, here are few things that you should consider before you sign up. Directed study requires that you work independently. Although you should have no problem sticking to the schedule, you must budget your time accordingly. Failure to submit assignments in a timely manner can adversely affect financial aid and jeopardize completion of the course. If you have any questions or issues, be sure to contact the instructor for advice.

We do not recommend that students begin directed study until they have completed a few in-class courses. However, if you have questions about directed study as an option, consult with your advisor.

Please explore your directed study options in these pages. You will find course listings and sample syllabi that will help you understand the requirements for each course. These pages also describe how to register for a Directed Studies course and how to submit assignments. Please feel free to call Anne Anderson in the Directed Studies office at 727-864-8884 if you have questions about the logistics of directed study or need assistance using Moodle.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems or issues with your directed study.

Margret Skaftadottir, Ph.D.
Academic Director of PEL

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