LIST OF LOCAL INTERNSHIPS: click on the link in this webpage to download a list of established internship opportunities (this is a google docs file that you can print out)

You are required to seek, secure, and complete an explicitly environmental internship as part of the comprehensive examination in Environmental Studies. An “explicitly environmental” internship is one that is either with an organization that is devoted to research, policy, or conservation concerning the natural environment, or a job (with any organization) that is expressly environmental or conservation oriented. The list is not exhaustive, and you should feel free to suggest other internship ideas or opportunities. However, I am the final arbiter of what internships meet the aforementioned criteria. Please email me with information about a potential internship.

Please note that all internships must meet the 70-hour requirement.

2. INTERNSHIP APPROVAL: Once you know what internship you want to do (either locally or elsewhere), please e-mail the instructor the following information:  your name, name and location of internship, types of things you'd be doing, rough schedule, internship supervisor contact information. if possible.

3. LETTER OF INTRODUCTION. Please print out this form, put your name on it, and hand it to your internship supervisor before or when you begin your internship. 

4. EVALUATION FORM. Please print out this form, put your name on it, address an envelope with Catherine Griggs' address (on form), place a stamp on the envelope and hand it to your internship supervisor at the end of the internship.

5. REQUIREMENTS; While you are doing your internship, you need to keep a daily or weekly log of your activities, hours worked, what you learned, and any problems/frustrations. I would write about 1-2 paragraphs for each day worked. This will be handed in as part of the comprehensive exam.

◦ Each week you will need to write a journal entry about your activities. This must be more than a list of tasks; it should include your reflections on and insights into the effect of your work on the organization, problems you have encountered, feelings about the work, etc. 

◦ You must hand in a 5-7 page (word processed, double-spaced) paper on the following:

o the organization’s mission and goals,

o its organizational structure,

o your evaluation of how well the organization is meeting its goals,

o your role and duties in the organization (can be a summary of what you chronicled in your weekly journal), and

o whether you would recommend the internship to students in the future.

Please note that this is not a casual assignment; you will be expected to do the necessary research at your organization to provide all of the information specified above. Please include documentation when appropriate (e.g., citations from your organization’s mission statement or other relevant literature).