Why Compass Academy?

Reform, changes, legislation and new expectations in education have caused school districts across the country to reevaluate and adjust to the challenges that have been set forth by government, society and our global community.

Compass Academy will prepare students for their future by providing a school with:
  • A culture that empowers students
  • Instruction that engages students
  • Technology that enables students
Idaho Falls School District has partnered with the New Technology Network to implement a school that has the necessary components to help our students graduate with the skills they need to succeed in college and the world of work.  The hallmarks of a New Tech school include:
  • A culture that promotes trust, respect and responsibility with students and teachers taking ownership of the learning experience and school environment.
  • Project-based learning that makes learning relevant to students, and allows them to collaborate on real-world projects. They’ll think critically about solutions, integrate what they’ve learned in math, science, social studies and English classes; and then demonstrate the lessons to classmates, teachers and community members.
  • Technology that supports innovative instruction and provides students with their own web-enabled computer that encourages them to become self-directed learners