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 Welcome to Compass Academy

Registration is Coming!

Aug 18 - 9am-5pm (Freshmen Only)

Aug 19 - 10am-6pm (All Students)

Aug 20 - 9am-12pm (All Students)

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Here are the supplies you need for success at Compass:

SD Card 8gb or higher



Laptop bag


Texas Instrument II-30X IIS for math up until precalculus.

For any of the AP Math or AP Science classes:

TI 84 calculator

This calculator can be used on the ACT and SAT test

 and on the AP Chemistry, AP Physics and AP Calculus test.

Watch our Macy's Challenge 3rd Place winning video here!

(Enjoy this video about students and facilitators explaining what Compass life is to them)

Compass Academy, Idaho Falls School District 91's new magnet high school, opened September 4, 2012. The school is part of the New Tech Network, a non-profit organization that is re-imaging teaching and learning in schools across the country. (See the latest data for the New Tech Network HERE) The school will focus on project-based learning in an environment that promotes trust, respect and responsibility. In addition, there will be an emphasis on teaching the 21st Century skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity, which students need to compete in the world today. Learn More   --  Questions?

Weekly Compass News:

Every week, a small group of students and two facilitators create a video for Compass. This video includes different news and things going on in the community, our school, and surrounding schools.
Check this week's news out:

Compass News Feb 19th 2015

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See how Compass Students get involved in politics with their student let Debate!:

2014 Debate- Idaho State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Presentation slide from Parent Meetings -- CLICK HERE