From the Teachers


As New Yorkers, we all work, live and play in and around the city, and as members of the Fieldston community, we spend a good part of every day in the Bronx.  But what do we really know about our neighborhood, our borough, our city?  We invite you to dive deeply into this exciting place with us, combining your studies with an experience of New York’s people, history, culture, landscape, ecology, literature, arts, architecture and languages.  This is a fascinating place, full of adventures and challenges, and City Semester-The Bronx Experience seeks to explore the city through rigorous scholarship connected to deep immersion in the lived life of the city.  

If you seek a semester of living what you are learning, exploring connections, and pushing you limits with a group of serious, open-minded and enthusiastic partners, the City Semester is for you.

City Semester at Fieldston is a time and place to take some intellectual and personal risks- to move beyond the boundaries of academic disciplines, social groups and the walls of the school, to try out new ideas and to find new opportunities- all in a safe and supportive community.  Each day will include challenging academics, unexpected adventures and unique opportunities to develop leadership skills, all organized around solving specific problems, contemporary and historical, in the city.

You will be with 15-25 other Fieldston students from Forms V and VI, and over 10 teachers from across the high school departments. Each week we will combine academic classwork with at least two days of hands-on fieldwork, organized around specific questions and themes, such as “Is New York Sustainable?” “Diversity and Mobility,” “Art in a Global City,” “The Contested City-Who Runs New York?”

Collectively, we will learn about the Bronx, the city and the world, and how we both shape and are shaped by our environment. Individually, you will be able to find and pursue new passions, develop new skills and make new connections, both intellectual and personal, that we hope will last a lifetime.