The Fieldston College Office is a full participant in the City Semester program. Fieldston students will be assigned a counselor and meet with their college counselor just as they would in the regular semester. Guests from other schools will receive counseling from a Fieldston counselor if they wish.

College Office counselors teach in the program, giving them a unique insight into its value and the best way to tell your story as part of the college process. The office has spoken about City Semester with many college admissions directors and the response has been very positive- that the City Semester will provide a compelling narrative of your unique interests, intellectual adventurousness and willingness to think ‘outside the box.’ This program will certainly not harm your prospects, and has often helped those who have participated, by giving evidence of their adventurousness and uniqueness, and providing a compelling story for interviews and essays.

This program will be an asset to the college process for creative thinkers, making them stand out among other more conventional applicants.