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Unit 4: Contested City

Contested City: 

Power And Conflict in the People’s City


Unit Goals: 

Who runs the city? Who built the city? How do different groups contest ownership of the city? How do "Big Plans" succeed or fail and who wins?


Culminating Field Study/ Project ("Big Apple"): 

What Could NY Be? Big Plans and the challenge of the future; Student Design project: Identify a challenge and the conflicting interests and propose a plan to resolve the problem.


Other Fieldwork: 

Cross-Bronx Expressway expedition (and trial); Hip-hop tour; Hudson Yards, Atlantic Yards, Chelsea Piers  and HighLine; PlaNYC, The NYDoT and sustainability; Big Plans Bike Tour


Guest Speakers/ Civic Partners: 

Ed Janoff and Andy Wiley-Schwartz, NYDoT, Danya Sherman, HighLine; HYDC; Tom Bernstein, Chelsea Piers; Bronx Museum of the Arts; Manon Slome for No Longer Empty at the Andrew Freedman Home; SSBx; 


Policy Work: 

Gentrification (comparative: Harlem, Soho, Bronx), Educational equity/justice and mayoral control,  Big Plans and sustainability