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Unit 5: A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It:

Community, Borough, Neighborhood and Landscape


Unit Goals: 

To connect New York’s natural and human ecologies. To establish the origins of settlement and follow its growth/path using the Bronx River


Culminating Field Study/ Project ("Big Apple"):

Bronx River Trek (BRA, BRAC, Phipps, ABC Carpet, SSBx) and Bronx River Exhibit- A culminating exhibit representing our journey down the river- manifesting the connection between the natural and manmade in the origins of NY/Bronx culture


Other Fieldwork:

The West Farms Neighborhood; Affordable Housing Bus Tour; 


Guest Speakers/ Civic Partners: 

Damian Griffin, BRA; BRAC; Adam Weinstein, Phipps; Sergio Bessa, Bronx Arts Museum; The Point; Alec Applebaum; 

Policy Work:

Affordable housing; Cleaning up the Bronx River; Green Roofs;