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Unit 2: Immigrant Metropolis

Immigrant Metropolis:

Migration, Mobility and Opportunity


Unit Goals: 

To connect immigration to literature, history and the transformation of place; How does NYC support difference and mobility? What is NYC's relationship to the American Dream?


Culminating Field Study/ Project (Big Apple):

Movin’ on Up: The Grand Concourse, Lower East Side and East Harlem- Story of one person or family as they move up from LES to EH to GC; follow an individual or family in the community (or your own); mobility study (up or down); mobility and change; use Story Corps or set up a Story Corps; present research through performance, photography, mapping?


Other Fieldwork:

East Harlem sensory journal; LES walking/food tour, Parks (Van Cortlandt) with Ranger Waldman, “Man o’ the Woods,” Cricket Odyssey, Food tour and class with Michele (Arthur Ave), La Marqueta v. EATaly, Brooklyn Bridge; Food and politics- casitas


Guest Speakers/ Civic Partners:

La Marqueta, Chinese Benevolent Association, La Finca del Sol, Bronx Art Museum, Chinese Consolidated Benebolent Association, Nyuorican Poets Cafe, Taller Borica/ Julio de Burgos Latino Cultural Center, The Little Sisters of the Assumption


Policy Work: 

immigration policy, parks privatization, Yankee Stadium on Trial, Founding of ECS (use Fieldston Archives)