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Unit 3: Sustainable City

Sustainable City:

Origins, Infrastructure and Growth in the Capital of Commerce


Unit Goals: 

To see the human and natural communities of the city as part of an interacting system; to see how NYC grew in an organic and understandable pattern, to see how cities can stand as sustainable systems in the future


Culminating Field Study/ Project (Big Apple): 

Hunts Point and Mott Haven: From Land to Mouth in Nature’s Metropolis (connect Futon Fish Market to Hunts Point- local to regional to global); Mott Haven: St. Ann’s, Bubbins, Friends of Brook Park (Michelle and food?); Workers and Bosses; Food and consumption

Assignment: Neighborhood regeneration plan?- An RFP for a revitalization plan for Hunts Point/ Mott Haven


Other Fieldwork:

Finding the $24 Purchase (AMNH Fort Amsterdam, Inwood Hill Park, Dyckman House, Lower Manhattan and Wall St. Tour (South Street and former Fulton Fish Market), Search for the Croton Aqueduct, casitas, local agriculture, Hudson Yards and the Highline and meatpacking district


Guest Speakers/ Civic Partners: 

Blueprint America (Hughes, O’Brien), Josh Viertel, Eric Sanderson (BX application) , NY DOT, Dick Despommier (vertical farming)


Policy Work

Transit- NYDoT BRT and bike lanes; energy (wind, water, solar), electric grid, green buildings, the incineration controversy and environmental justice, local foods/ farmers markets/ slow food mov’t, FLIK and CSA’s, Fast Food Nation/ Kitchen Confidential/ No Impact Man/ Food Inc