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Unit 1: Intro

Introduction to Urban Study and to City Semester: The Bronx Experienced


Unit Goals: 

To initiate the students into urban studies, the city and the Bronx; to introduce the skills we will use to understand the city and communicate our discoveries


Culminating Field Study/ Project (“Big Apple”):

Opening scavenger hunt- a two-day immersion experience based on the Warriors, beginning in Woodlawn Cemetery, passing through the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn, and ending in Coney Island; Groups of 4; interviews, journals, service; observe a piece of social action. End with presentation of discoveries to the other groups; 


Other fieldwork:

Bronx ecology (Manahatta style) in Inwood and Spuyten Duyvil; Lynch mapping project; (Introduce Interdisciplinary Neighborhood Biography/Portfolio)



Recording and responding to the city: cognitive mapping, photojournalism, sensory journals, making Google maps, using facebook and twitter for reporting?