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Big Apple, Fieldwork and Project Due Dates

Listed below are all the due dates for all major assessments and fieldwork from all courses in the program. Each assignment has a short description, a due date(s) and a link to a fuller description. Some of your teachers will accept work in hard copy, but many prefer to save trees with email or a file upload system. When sending assignments to your Google homework folder, please write double-spaced and save in pdf format. Please see the list below for how to turn in work.

You can find both the group homework folder and your personal Google folder with your name on it here.

Please use the following document naming convention: lastname(s)_projectname

Unit 1- The Warriors Vision Quest- Introduction to Urban Study and to City Semester: The Bronx Experienced

On Tuesday, 1/26 and Wednesday 1/27

Warriors Vision Quest

Follow your Spirit Guides from Woodlawn to Coney Island, with your teacher-mediums supplying clues and tasks, doing place booking for English, Green Guide activities for Science, Subway analysis for Math and Solidarity assignments.

Due Thursday, 1/28 (presented during History and English)

Big Apple Warriors Vision Quest Group Presentation and  Map Project 

Before the Vision Quest you will prepare offerings for your spirit guides. On the Vision Quest your group will be collecting artifacts, recordings and photographs at each destination along your journey.  Your group will present these offerings and artifacts first to the whole group during the Apple Core after the Quest. Please have at least one item for each stop along your journey to pin-up on the wall map. Please also remember to discuss your Service Organization visits, your Green Guide work, your Solidarity work (see above) and your Math work (subway data collection). Then your group will construct a virtual map of your journey on Google maps for the following week. (We will work on this in class on Monday, 2/3) 

(for inspiration see previous years: CS Warriors Vision Quest Map 2013)

Link to Warriors Map Presentation Project Grader

Due Tuesday, 2/2 (in pdf format)

Solidarity with the City Assignment- Day 2 (two pages, double spaced)

Due Friday, 2/5 (in pdf format- sent to your personal Google folder)

Big Apple Individual Project: Warriors Spirit Guide Time Traveler 

(two pages, single spaced) Pick a Spirit Guide from the Vision Quest and write an essay in their voice comparing their time to ours. Please use specific material both from the Spirit Guides life and times and from your Warriors Quest and current events. For instance, George M. Cohan will write about his New York, choosing specific places, people and events, and then tell the reader what has changed and what he thinks about it. What were the big issues and events? What are the comparable issues and events today? "Tin Pan Alley was... and now all of that happens in..."

Link to Warriors Spirit Guide Time Traveler Letter Grader

Unit 2- Immigrant Metropolis: Migration, Mobility and Opportunity

Wednesday, 2/10
Inwood Hill Park Tour

Tuesday, 2/23
Lower East Side Walking Tour

Due Tuesday, 3/1
Food Migration Story assignment
Family Food Culture assignment: 
Cook and bring in a dish that represents a family tradition or part of you family culture
Diner Menu assignment: Find a diner menu that includes more than two ethnics food traditions. Ask if you can purchase the menu (you will be re-imbursed), or take a good, legible photo of the menu. 

Unit 3- Sustainable City: Origins, Infrastructure and Growth in the Capital of Commerce

On Tuesday, 3/15 and Wednesday, 3/16

Unit 2 Fieldwork: Hunts Point and Mott Haven: From Land to Mouth in Nature’s Metropolis

We will hold a locavore meal and sleepover on Tuesday and then leave Fieldston at 5am on Wednesday to connect the story of the original Futon Fish Market to its new home in Hunts Point and the narrative of consumption from the local to the regional and the global. We will visit the Fulton Fish Market, Hunts Point Cooperative Fruit Market and B. Rosen Meats, then the Teamsters Local 202 Union and a Food Access survey...

Due Thursday, 4/14 (and after)

Unit 3 Project: Hunts Point From Land to Mouth Student-Designed Projects (outline)

The assessment for this fieldwork is designed by the students to address important questions and issues raised by our visit to the Hunts Point Markets and neighborhood. Please address the questions below by developing your own assignment, below. Please state the question you are answering and the format/medium you will use. Some options from the past are: Policy Memos, Extended Food Biographies, Analyses of the social geography of Hunts Point, essays on the class relations at the market, A Redisign of the Market, etc...

Link to the Student Designed Hunts Point AssessmentLink to the Policy Memo Grader  and Policy Memo Tutorial

You may find our itinerary useful as it has the phone numbers of all the people we met: Hunts Point Fieldwork Doc

Due Dates:

Thursday, 4/28

Outline uploaded to History Homework folder

Tuesday, 5/3

Rough Draft  uploaded to History Homework folder

Tuesday, 5/17

Second Draft uploaded to History Homework folder- Interim Presentations (slideshow)

Thursday, 6/2

Final Presentation

Unit 4- Contested City: Power And Conflict in the People’s City

On Tuesday, 4/11
Harlem Renaissance and West Harlem Tour

On Friday, 4/15
Flushing Chinatown Scavenger Hunt

On Thursday, 4/28

Due Wednesday, 5/4

Unit 5, A River Runs Through It: Community, Borough, Neighborhood and Landscape

to be scheduled
Josue comes to Apple Core to begin prep for Bronx River Trek

Due Tuesday 5/3
Hunts Point Assessment Rough Draft (please upload to your folder)

Due Monday, 5/9
Bronx Neighborhood Bio
(uploaded to your history folder)
  • For one of the neighborhoods in the Bronx, using the readings below and the internet, write a one page Neighborhood Bio that establishes the historic origin of the neighborhood, its original character and its character today. 
  • Where does the name come from?
  • What were the original reasons for settlement?
  • What were/are its main nodes, landmarks, edges and paths?
  • What activities was/is it famous for or identified with? What happened/happens there?
  • How did/does it grow out of, connect to, relate to the Bronx River?
  • What is it like today?
On Tuesday, 5/10

On Wednesday, 5/11

Due Tuesday 5/17
Hunts Point Assessment Second Draft (please upload to your folder)

Due Wednesday 5/24
What Could NY Be?- Big Plans and Resiliency Project- draft presented and discussion during History class
to be scheduled
Pin-up presentation Big Plans Resiliency Project to guest reviewers

Part 1: due April 26
Part 2: due May 3
Part 3: due May 24

Unit 6, The Power of Place

        From Friday, 5/20- Wednesday 6/1
Finish all projects for Final Exhibition (Stu-Fac)

We will continue to have Math, Art, Music and Language classes. Other classes will end earlier to leave room for students to work on projects and meet with teachers advising them
  • Hunts Point Projects
  • What Could NY Be- Big Plans Policy Papers and Projects
  • Immigrant Journey Narratives (with Map Exhibit)
  • Bronx River Trek Exhibition
  • Mott Haven Voices Slideshow and Book
  • Photography Slideshows; Student Films
  • Family Foods and Pot Luck Reception
On Thursday, 6/2

On Friday, 6/3
  • Set up Final Exhibition (Stu-Fac) from 8:00-8:30
  • Final Exhibition for Students from 9:30-3:45

On Monday, 6/6
Prep Central Park and Coney Island Student-Led Scavenger Hunt 

On Tuesday, 6/7
    Central Park Scavenger Hunt from11:30-2:30

On Friday, 6/10
Coney Island Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza and final dinner
We will return to Coney Island for an analysis of the location where New Yorkers invented American leisure     culture.
    • The Warriors Return- Student-Led Scavenger Hunt for the Teachers
    • Plans for Coney Island (plan and critiques)
    • Cyclone Physics (City Physics analysis)
    • Leisure culture analysis (Kasson reading)
    • Sideshow
    • dinner