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Can I continue playing a team sport? Will I get PE credit?

Yes, the City Semester day will end at the same time as the regular Fieldston schedule. You will be able to make all practices and accommodations will be made on game days.  And there will be opportunities within the program (walking, biking, canoeing) and after school (PM fitness, yoga) to fulfill PE credit as well.

Can I continue doing theater and perform in the spring musical or Studio Theater Series?

Yes, the City Semester day will end at the same time as the regular Fieldston schedule. You will able to make all rehearsals and accommodations will be made during tech week. There is also a theater course within the program.

How will City Semester affect my art major? My music classes?

The City Semester arts faculty are drawn from the Fieldston performing and visual arts departments.  Each week includes three hours of studio time and the arts are an integral part of the rest of the curriculum.  If you are in Jazz class Improvisation 3 you will not be able to take City Semester. The program can easily accommodate Concert Jazz and Improv 2.

How will City Semester affect my math and language tracking? Will I be able to return at the same level?

All City Semester students will continue their regular Math classes. Language is integrated into the Culture of the City course. Time is divided between skills work and placed-based explorations of immigrant culture. City Semester will offer Spanish, and, depending on student interest, French, and Chinese. Juniors will be able to return to their regular language track the following fall. 

How will City Semester affect my choice of science classes?

Science is central to the academic core program. Your science elective choices will not be affected unless you seek to take a AT-level science course your senior year and you are a junior in the corresponding intensive course.  For example, if you are a junior in Intensive Physics and would like to take AT Physics in your senior year, you will be required to do some summer study. 

What about community service credit? 

Partnering with community activists and organizations is a central part of City Semester’s mission. Students will have ample opportunities to fulfill their Community Service requirement. 

How will I be graded?

You will receive a letter grade and comment for each of the courses in the program. While most of the major assessments will be project-based, and the final assessment will be an interdisciplinary portfolio, work will include historical research, essay writing,  creative writing, journaling, lab work, etc.   

Will I be with the same students all the time?

You will have the opportunity to get to know 20-30 of your peers very well.  The goal is to create a rewarding group experience, but much of your day will be spent in smaller groups in a variety of configurations based on your interests, arts choices, and language and math courses. 

How will City Semester affect my college process?

We have spoken to many college admissions directors and the response has been very positive. Our contacts feel that the City Semester will provide a distinguishing narrative of your unique interests and willingness to think out side the box.

How much will City Semester cost?

There is no extra charge.  You will need a full Metrocard and good walking shoes