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Costs and Credits


There are no significant costs beyond the Fieldston tuition.  On days we are on campus we will eat in the cafeteria. On field days we will bring brown bag lunches, but you may want to bring money for lunch.  On occasion, we will have lunch at a restaurant, pay admission at a museum or have the opportunity to go on a ride at Coney Island.  You will need funds for this, but financial aid is available, just as it is on Fieldston trips.  You will need a Metrocard for trips, comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing for our expeditions and field work.


You will receive course credit for your work in the program, just as you would in other semester programs. You will receive a grade and comment in each course, an interim and a final semester grade. Juniors will be able to return at the same level in your math and language courses. Some Advanced Topics sciences may require some summer work between Junior and Senior year