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Shortcuts for common applications on GLUE

In Glue under Gnome, you can add shortcuts to the bar across the top of the page to make it easy to find commonly used applications.

To add a single program

Find the program you want to add in an existing menu, right click on it and select "Add this launcher to panel" to add it to the top panel or "Add this launcher to desktop" to add a shortcut to the desktop.

To add an entire menu

Find the menu that you want and go within that menu and right click. For instance, go to Applications->Departmental Applications->Math->LiE and right click. Select "Entire Menu" and then "Add this as a menu to panel". We don't recommend using the "Add this as a drawer to panel" as it isn't as user friendly to use but it should work.

The same functionality should work under KDE as well but we have not tested it.