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Printing from a Laptop

Please contact the helpdesk for instructions on printing from a Laptop.

Printing from a GLUE Machine

Glue uses the MDQS system for printing which differs significantly from CUPS that the current Mathnet uses. We are just beginning to offer CUPS as a second printing option and this should be offered on all Math machines in the near future.

MDQS does not display available printers in application print menus the way CUPS does. Instead, there is a pop up menu that allows you to select from the available printers AFTER you press the print button. On some applications, you will see a "Glue Printer" but in other applications it will just say "CUSTOM". Each Glue machine defaults to the closest printer and that printer will appear first in the list of available printers.

MDQS requires the command "xqpr" for printing from the command line or "Xpr" to get the graphical pop up of available printers.

If you wish to print a plain text file or postscript file from the command line you can type "xqpr <filename>". This will send the print job to your default print queue based on machine location. To change the destination print queue, type "xqpr -q <queue_name> <filename>". The print queues are named the same as the printer name (not including the part of the name) in the current Mathnet. So, lw3207 is the print queue for printer and lw4209 is the print queue for

If you want to print a .pdf file or other application specific file, you need to first open the file in the application. Then go to where the application controls printing and change the print command to "Xpr". The default is usually "lp".

Here are a few specific applications and how they print.

  • Firefox - Select Glue printer and you will get a list of printers after you click the print button.
  • Evince - Select Glue printer and you will get a list of printers after you click the print button.
  • OpenOffice - Will show the list of printers after clicking the print button.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader - After you have clicked the print button, you will see a print dialog box. The first time you print, you will need to change the print command from lp to Xpr. Once you do this and click the print button, you will see the list of printers. After you change the print command, it will be remembered the next time you print from this application

Common Print Queues

  • lw2301 - Main 2nd floor printer
  • lw3207 - Main 3rd floor printer
  • lw4209 - Main 4th floor printer