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Incoming Faculty-Staff-Affiliate Checklist

Please follow each of the steps in order and do not move to the next step until the previous step is completed.
  1. A valid and current appointment needs to be added in PHR and approved by the department business office. 
  2. The matriculation date of the appointment needs to be reached.
  3. The new faculty/staff/affiliate should visit and setup a new Directory ID (username) and password. Contact the DivIT helpdesk if you have trouble with this step
  4. Visit and activate all the items on the Service Activation page. Check each box and click 'Submit'. Some service activation can take several days to complete. 
  5. Visit for more information on how to have a department email account setup. Visiting the helpdesk is necessary to have a <username> account for example.
  6. Send a request to the helpdesk to be added to the necessary mailing list(s). Please include the email address you would like added and your title at the university.
  7. Send a request to the helpdesk to be added to the departmental website directory. Please provide your office room number, phone number, email address and website URL.
  8. *MATH Department Only* Send a request to the helpdesk to ask for a desktop computer for your office. We can provide either a GLUE(Ubuntu) or a Windows 10 computer.