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Mathnet files to GLUE

Since the new Mathnet system is based on the campus Glue system, it is completely separate from the old Mathnet system. There is no way to migrate every user at the same time so we have to go through a period of migration where some users may be inconvenienced by the need to go between the two systems.

The Math help desk will be deploying new machines running Red Hat 6 under Glue and will help with the migration of your home space. However, if you want to copy your own files you are free to do so. Instructions for doing this are included below. Please keep in mind that you will end up with two copies of your files. One in the current Mathnet system and one in Glue. The files will not stay in sync but you are free to copy files back and forth whenever you like.

Depending upon the amount of files you have in your home space, you may be able to simply tar your files, compress them, and transfer them to Glue. Steps for doing for standard files are included below.

  1. SSH to
  2. type "tar -cvzf home.tar.gz *" (this step will not work if you don't have the space for the compressed archive file)
  3. type "scp home.tar.gz directoryID@gluemachine:~" (type your directory password when prompted)
  • Note: In step 3, for gluemachine you can use or any of the Glue machines in the Math 3207 lab which are named through
  1. Log on to any Glue machine (see note above for some possibilities)
  2. type "tar -xvzf home.tar.gz" (this step will not work if you don't have enough space available)
  3. type "rm home.tar.gz" to remove the archive file

This will copy some files that are really just pointers to other files/directories such as public_html. If you run "ls -al", you will see some files with an arrow "->" after them which identifies these files. The locations these files point to won't be valid any longer since they are specific to the old Mathnet system so we recommend removing these files as soon as you finish doing the copy.

If you were able to follow the steps above, you have copied all of your normal files to Glue/TerpConnect. The previous steps did not copy the files that begin with . (dot) as they are typically configuration files that you need to be careful moving. Try out Glue without copying any of those files to see how things go. If you find you need to copy some of your dot files feel free to do so using the same steps as above except in the second step where you create your archive file. You will need to specify the file/directory name beginning with a dot. You can use wildcards but you need to be careful not to overwrite configuration files that conflict with Glue/TerpConnect configuration files. The help desk will be happy to assist you with this process. Please contact us as or 301-405-8582 or you can stop by PHYS1301J.