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Math GLUE overview

GLUE leverages campus Linux/Unix resources which are sometimes referred to on campus as Glue or TerpConnect. Campus maintains a general web page for TerpConnect [1]. There are a lot of general campus items on the TerpConnect page but there are a few more specific links on the page that may be useful if you have a chance to check it out. For those hard core users that want to know more details, you can visit the Glue wiki (requires campus directory authentication) at

Glue/Terpconnect supports SPARC Solaris as well as Red Hat. All Math machines run Ubuntu 16.04 except for the machines which run Red Hat 6.

Glue/TerpConnect allows for multiple versions of the same application to be installed. For instance, Mathematica and Matlab both have older and newer versions available. This allows users to select the version that they prefer to use and it makes it easier to stay up to date since newer versions won't require everyone to switch and risk having some change break some important ongoing work.

Much of the available software is installed centrally so it is accessible on all systems.  The system that is used for this is module and it sets up the environment to run the software locally.  The basic commands are the ones in quotes below (but don't use the quotes when you run them):

"module avail" - List of available software modules.  Good place to start to see what is available.

"module load <module name>/<module version>" - Load the environment for the named software module.

"module help <module name>/<module version>" - More information which is usually how to run the program as well as a URL for additional reference.

The Glue system leverages your campus directory ID and password.  It is possible that when you first created your campus directory ID, you did not activate your Glue/TerpConnect account. This is not a common occurrence but you can visit to activate your account.