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Application to file associations on GLUE

If you want to be able to double click on a particular document type such as .pdf, .doc, etc. and have a particular application always open that type of file rather than having to open the application and then select File->Open, you can do the following. If you want to work with a file that is attached to an email, we recommend saving the file first and then follow the instructions below.

  • Go to Places->Home Folder or wherever there is an example of the type of file that you want to configure
  • Right click on the file
  • Select Properties->Open With
  • Pick the application that you want.
    • If the application that you want is not displayed, click Add. Select the application that you want.
      • If the application that you want is not available, click "Use a custom command" at the bottom. Leave that window open and open a terminal window (Applications->Utilities->Terminal). Type the following commands.
        • module load <application name>/<application version> **Take note of the text indicating what command to run to execute the application.
        • echo $PATH
        • You should see a series of path names separated by a colon. The path you want should be the first one. Copy that path and paste it into the window that you left open according to the earlier instructions. Add a "/" after the path and type the command that you took note of above.
    • Click the Add button.
  • Select the application you just added as the default using the radio buttons.
  • Click Close.

Now you can double click on any files with matching endings (such as .pdf if that is what you were setting up) and the files will open up inside the application you selected.