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Juniper SSL VPN Instructions

The following instructions will help you get set up with the Juniper SSL VPN:
  1. Please make sure Java is installed and up-to-date:
    • Making sure Java is updated regularly will help to ensure the reliability and security of your system.

  2. Depending on the department you are with, go to the appropriate website and log in with your DEPARTMENT CREDENTIALS (not your University Directory credentials).

  3.             Math:

  4. If you are only using the VPN to Remote Desktop to your office machine, use the link titled "[Department] Connect to My Windows Desktop Computer", where [Department] is ECE, ISR, Physics, or Math.
    • This will automatically connect you to your office machine, and you do not need the rest of these instructions.
    • If you have any problems or this link does not work, please contact your Help Desk.

  5. [Network Connect] If you are using the VPN to direct all network traffic, proceed with the rest of these instructions. 
    This may include:
      • Access to mapped network drives.
      • Access to license servers.
      • Using library resources.
    1. On the bottom of the page that comes up, you should see the words "Junos Pulse" underneath the header "Client Application Settings".
    2. To the right of "Junos Pulse" there should be a start button. Click it.
    3. Click "run" if Java asks you for permission. Otherwise, allow the Junos Pulse software to install (click "Always" when prompted with the install window).
    4. If additional windows pop up, click "Yes" on them to allow the software to install properly. You should now have installed the software successfully.

            Once the above steps have been completed, you can run the Junos Pulse client either from the web page or from the start menu on your computer.
            (Notice that the Juniper client has been installed under the program group called "Juniper".) When it is run, it will prompt you for the same logon credentials you provided in step 2 of these instructions.